The Big List of Classroom Jobs for PreK-12


As educators, we understand the importance of teaching our students responsibility and cooperation. One effective way of achieving this is through assigning classroom jobs. Delegating various tasks to students not only reduces the workload for teachers, but also instills a sense of responsibility and pride in a job well done. The following is a comprehensive list of classroom jobs suited for students from PreK-12.

PreK-6 Classroom Jobs

1. Line Leader: The line leader’s job is to lead the class in an orderly fashion during transitions.

2. Door Holder: This student holds the door open while classmates enter or exit.

3. Calendar Keeper: Helps manage the class calendar, including updating days, dates, and special events.

4. Attendance Monitor: Records who is absent or tardy each day.

5. Weather Reporter: Observes the daily weather and shares it with the class.

6. Board Eraser: Ensures the whiteboard or chalkboard is cleaned after use.

7. Paper Passer: Distributes worksheets, assignments, or handouts to their classmates.

8. Pencil Patrol: Sharpens pencils and maintains their supply as needed.

9. Table Captain: Ensures group tables are neat and clean before and after using them.

10. Class Librarian: Organizes and maintains the books in the classroom library.

Middle School (Grades 7-8) Classroom Jobs

11. Technology Manager: Helps set up and troubleshoot classroom technology, such as projectors or computers.

12. Peer Tutor: Assists classmates with difficult concepts or offers help with assignments.

13. Classroom Messenger: Delivers messages from the teacher to other classrooms or administrative staff.

14. Recycling Coordinator: Oversees proper recycling procedures within the class.

15. Class Scribe: Takes notes about discussions or lessons to share with absent students.

High School (Grades 9-12) Classroom Jobs

16. Class President: Represents the class during school events and coordinates with other class leaders.

17. Assignment Tracker: Monitors the completion of group projects or individual assignments, assisting peers to stay on schedule.

18. Classroom Decorator: Adds a creative touch to classroom displays and bulletin boards.

19. Event Coordinator: Plans, organizes, and executes classroom events, such as guest speakers or parties.

20. Social Media Representative: Manages the class’s social media accounts, highlighting events and happenings.


By assigning these classroom jobs, teachers empower students by entrusting them with essential responsibilities. This not only brings a sense of pride and accomplishment but also fosters an environment where teamwork is valued. Consider implementing some or all the suggested jobs above to create a cohesive learning community within your classroom, where students are engaged with each other and the teacher in a harmonious way.

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