The Biggest Lessons of Your First Year Teaching

In their first year of teaching, new teachers learn a lot about themselves and their students. They also learn about the basics of teaching, including how to create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning. Additionally, new teachers learn about the specific content they will be teaching and how to best approach the material. Here are a few common things all new teachers learn:

  1. Teachers learn about themselves and their own teaching style.
  2. Teachers learn about the curriculum and the school system.
  3. Teachers learn about the students in their classroom and the needs of their students.
  4. Teachers learn about the resources and technologies that are available to them and how to use those resources.
  5. Teachers learn about their own professional growth and how to continue growing as a teacher.
  6. Teachers learn about the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the classroom.
  7. Teachers learn about the importance of communication with their colleagues.
  8. Teachers learn about the importance of taking care of themselves and their own health.
  9. Teachers learn how to plan, organize, and lead a classroom; how to develop lessons and units; and how to identify and address student needs.
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