The Checklist For Setting Up Your 4th Grade Classroom

Greetings from fourth grade! Encourage children to embrace their curiosity as they take in and consider their surroundings this year. Although the fourth grade is frequently the beginning of students’ preparation for middle school, it’s crucial to remember that fourth graders are still children in terms of growth. Play is still vital, and caring school environments are always essential. As children develop their research abilities in the fourth grade, technology also plays a more significant role in the classroom. As you prepare for the fourth grade in your classroom, make the most of the march to middle school. Here is our comprehensive list of all the 4th-grade classroom materials you’ll need to start this crucial school year.

  • Bookcase

Make a dynamic classroom library with exciting books to encourage prolonged silent reading. The ideal bookcases for any school have been found.

  • Books!

It’s time to stock the shelves now that you have them. See our list of the top 50 novels for fourth grade. Every kid on your list has something, from Imagine to Love to The Undefeated.

  • Beanbag Furniture

Add cozy beanbag seats to complete your reading area in the classroom. Do you require extra suggestions for your reading nook? View some of our online favorites for reading areas in classrooms.

  • Posters Promoting a Growth Mindset

Sometimes, fourth graders need encouragement to adopt a growth mentality. A vibrant collection of inspirational posters encourages them to continue with confidence.

  • Set of Headphones

Fourth graders need headphones to listen to all those crucial online activities as they tackle technology. These bulk earbuds have plush earmuffs and stereo sound.

  • Cart for Charging Laptops and Tablets

A 16-device charging trolley keeps technology secure, charged, and safe. Students may more easily plug in and charge their device without help from a teacher thanks to the supplied cord management clips, which can be attached to the back of the cart to keep each cord securely in its place.

  • A Vocabulary Game on Class Words

Play a fun game to broaden your vocabulary. With this Common Core-aligned game, students provide hints and predict grade-level vocabulary terms while developing critical thinking abilities. Want additional supplies for literacy centers? View our extensive list.

  • Sets of Long Division Problems

A Montessori-inspired set with four color-coded division boards and a wooden tray that holds the seven racks of tubes with beads, seven cups, and 36 skittles can help students learn short and long division more; abstractly—looking for more math center ideas? Check out our classroom math supplies, including dice, board games, and other items.

  • A Dry-Erase Lapboard

Try dry-erase lapboards instead of screens for a bit; they’re a fun, paperless alternative for brainstorming, solving arithmetic issues, sketching, drawing diagrams, and more.

  • Dry-erase Fine Point Magnetic Markers

Whiteboards and dry-erase lapboards are perfect for writing on, so use fine point dry erase markers. More dry erase markers are needed. The best ones, as recommended by teachers, have been put here!

  • Whiteboard Erasers with Emojis

Erasers that are guaranteed to make your fourth-graders grin can be used to wipe away mistakes. Additionally, they have magnets so you can attach them to your whiteboard.

  • Dry-Erase Whiteboard Cleaning Spray

Keep your whiteboard in excellent condition. This handy spray cleans whiteboards’ dirt, oil, shadowing, and other stains.

  • Magnetic Clips for Whiteboards

With 24 colorful clip magnets that may be used on any metallic surface, keep your whiteboard organized!

  • Paper Clips

Use paper clips to hold your documents together.

  • Ring Binder

Prepare those packets for the fourth grade with vibrant binder clips.

  • Stapler

Use a strong stapler to keep it together! Because of its jam-resistance, you won’t have to disassemble it repeatedly throughout the day.

  • Colorful Paper from Astrobrights

You may enjoy all the advantages of color without paying a high price or spending extra time printing with colored ink thanks to vivid, diverse hues. Add black ink only!

  • A File-Hanging Pocket

Use a hanging file pocket to keep classwork organized for each student. It can be quickly mounted to a wall or even your classroom door.

  • File Cabinets

Organize critical fourth-grade assignments using a variety of file folders. View our extensive list of file folders to feel organized even if you’re not.

  • Pencils 

There is always a need for pencils in fourth-grade classrooms.

  • Erasers on Pencil Tops

Mistakes do occur! Correct fourth-grade errors with vibrant pencil top erasers.

  • Highlighters

Students can learn and recall material better when colored. Give these highlighters to the students and tell them to start marking.

  • Wide, Washable Markers Class Set 

Fourth graders still enjoy using color in original ways. These markers are made with a clean formula that is easily washable off skin, clothing, and walls. They are non-toxic and washable.

  • A Class Set of Colored Pencils

Stock up on 240 colored pencils for writing and drawing assignments in the fourth grade.

  • A 30-Pack of Glue Sticks

Glue sticks make it simple to connect the dots because they are non-toxic, simple to use, and washable with detergent and water.

  •  Shears

When working on fourth-grade art projects, the big finger loops and precise tip design provide greater control and comfort.

  • Sharpening a Pencil

Sharpen all of those pencils! We compiled a list of the top pencil sharpeners based on instructor reviews!

  • Laminator

Make teaching materials more rip- and spill-resistant or reinforce documents. Don’t forget to stock up on laminating pouches after reviewing our finest laminators.

  • 3-Hole Punch.

You may easily three-hole punch up to 12 pages without the usual jams. The ideal way to include papers in student portfolios!

  • Loose-Leaf Binders Rings

Use loose-leaf binder rings to keep everything in order.

  • Flashcards

Your fourth-graders can memorize all the crucial information with the aid of flashcards.

  • PVC File Folders

Folders built to last and with double reinforced edges can sustain a whole year of fourth-grade instruction. These vibrant folders can each contain up to 135 sheets of letter-size paper and are moisture- and tear-resistant.

  • Writing Instruments

For each subject, one! Keeping track of events inside and outside the fourth-grade classroom is simple with the help of 100-page composition books in various colors.

  • Sticky Notes in Different Colors 

There are never enough sticky notes in a classroom. Check out these post-it note hacks for teachers.

  • Mega Sticker Pack

Use stickers to inspire and excite your fourth-graders. The availability of more than 1,000 emojis makes it simple to convey your feelings.

  •  Bulletin Board Paper

After trying Better Than Paper, you won’t use regular bulletin board paper again. Compared to paper, this magical substance is more durable, easier to work with, and lasts for years. Additionally, it functions like a whiteboard in that you can write on it and then erase it.

  • Bulletin Board Borders

Which come in 78 strips and six different rolls, will draw attention to the bulletin boards in your school.

  • Self-Sticking Dots

Do you want to attach the poster to the wall without making any holes? The greatest technique to lessen damage is with self-adhesive dots.

  • Disinfectant Wipes and Spray

No teacher wants sticky messes, or worse, to remain on the classroom walls. The Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Disinfecting Wipes eliminate 99.9% of germs and viruses.

  • Tissues 

In fourth grade, runny noses and tears are still common. Have tissues on hand.

  • Storage Trays

Organize school resources for the fourth grade using sturdy plastic caddies.

  • A Desk Organizer with a Laptop/Phone Charger

With this desk organizer and charger combo, you can keep your teacher’s desk organized and have your phone or laptop charged.

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