The Creative Initiative of an Oklahoma Teacher to Keep Her Students Reading Over Summer Break

As summer break rolls around, many teachers worry about the widely-known “summer slide,” a phenomenon where students lose some of their learning progress due to the long break from school. However, one dedicated teacher from Oklahoma has come up with a creative solution to encourage her students to keep reading during their time off. Instead of letting the usual distance from books prevail, she is taking matters into her own hands and literally bringing the books to them.

Bethanie Brown, a 5th-grade teacher from Edmond, Oklahoma, saw the need for her students to remain engaged in reading over the summer. As she wanted them to continue learning and reinforcing their skills, she decided not only to rely on parents’ efforts but also take direct action.

After thorough brainstorming and planning, Bethanie created what she calls “mobile library” – roving book stations that she sets up throughout her community. She has organized spots spread around town in locations such as parks, community centers, and even local businesses that generously host her book station for the day.

The books in Bethanie’s mobile library are an eclectic mix of genres, reading levels, and interests. They cater to various tastes and abilities so that every student finds something engaging to read. Students can borrow these books free of charge by simply signing their name on a check-out sheet. Brown also makes sure there’s an exchange program in place so that once students finish a book they can trade it for another one.

Besides just offering free books for children in the community, Bethanie occasionally hosts reading clubs where groups gather and discuss different literary works they’ve selected. These meetings not only encourage deeper engagement with reading material but also foster social interaction among students who otherwise might not cross paths over summer break.

To keep things exciting and enticing, Bethanie often adds a variety of fun incentives like rewards for reaching specific reading goals, themed book events, and bonuses for returning a borrowed book on time. Furthermore, she has created a social media presence to keep her students, parents, and other community members updated on the whereabouts of her mobile library and upcoming events.

Fellow educators and parents have praised Bethanie’s proactive approach to combat summer slide affecting her students’ literacy skills. This innovative initiative has not only supported academic growth but also nurtured a sense of community by providing a shared, positive experience centered on the love for reading.

As Bethanie Brown’s mobile library continues its adventure around town, it doesn’t stop at merely providing books—it shares the opportunity to explore new worlds, fuels curiosity, and sets an example of passionate creativity that transcends any classroom.

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