The Deficit Model Is Harming Your Students

The deficit model is a popular method of teaching which focuses on fixing deficits in students. The model has been criticized for its negative effects on students.

The deficit model is harmful to your students. It suggests that the solution to student achievement is to reduce the amount of government spending. However, this model is not working. In fact, it is actually causing more harm than good.

The deficit model is based on the false assumption that government spending is the root of all student achievement problems. In reality, government spending does not cause student achievement problems. Instead, student achievement problems are caused by factors such as poverty, poor educational opportunities, and low graduation rates.

The deficit model also ignores the important role that parents and educators play in student achievement. Parents are responsible for providing their children with a good education, while educators are responsible for providing students with the best education possible. It is not the responsibility of the government to solve these problems.

It is time to change the way we think about student achievement. It is time to replace the Deficit Model with a model that is based on real evidence.

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