The Edvocate’s List of 20 Must-Follow K-12 Education Twitter Feeds

*The Edvocate is pleased to produce its “Best of the Best” resource lists. These lists provide our readers with rankings for education-related blogs, twitter accounts, influencers, products, etc. These lists are meant to be fluid, and for that reason, they are regularly updated to provide up to the moment information.*

The formative years can be a challenge for teachers, and it does not get any easier as students become increasingly independent. Sometimes it is good to hear about other teachers’ trying experiences because it can help put your day into perspective. Some days you are simply too tired to do much apart from stare off at your computer screen and wonder how things could have been handled differently.

Instead of aimlessly wondering through social media, we’ve pulled together a list of Twitter feeds that can actually help you. There is nothing like sympathy to make a hard day a little easier to manage, or a little humor to put you in a different frame of mind. Advice within the education field is almost always welcome too because there is nearly no problem that you are dealing with that some teacher or administrator hasn’t already dealt with.

There are two things that each of these feeds has.

  1. They are relevant to the area of K to 12, at least some of the time. Not all of these are dedicated to this age range, but they deal with them periodically. Others may focus on a particular age group, but they can be applicable to nearly any student at any level.
  2. These feeds are updated often enough to be helpful. When you want to visit a feed for solace, advice, or inspiration, you don’t want to be disappointed that there hasn’t been anything added for months.

#1 Edutopia

#2 We Are Teachers

#3 Vicki Davis

#4 Tom Whitby

#5 Randi Weingarten

#6 Larry Ferlazzo

#7 Teaching with Soul

#8 Steve Wheeler

#9 The Broad Foundation

#10 The JLV

#11 Feed the Teacher

#12 Digital Promise

#13 NAF

#14 Jennifer Carey

#15 High Tech High

#16 Dan Brown

#17 Big Picture Learning

#18 IDEA Public Schools

#19 Fractus Learning

#20 Learning Accelerator


It is easy to think of Twitter as a shallow method of communicating when used right; Twitter can actually be a highly effective way of reaching thousands or millions of people. For those in K-12 education, it is a boon to ensure that you are keeping current with all of the latest changes, trends, and information.



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