The Edvocate’s List of 24 Must-Follow STEM Education Twitter Feeds

*The Edvocate is pleased to produce its “Best of the Best” resource lists. These lists provide our readers with rankings for education blogs, twitter accounts, influencers, products, etc. These lists are meant to be fluid, and for that reason, they are regularly updated to provide up to the moment information.*

It’s become a well-known fact that most students are woefully unprepared for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (otherwise known as STEM). Students in the United States regularly score low on math and science tests, lagging behind other developed nations.

This is despite the fact that STEM careers pay exceptionally well—college students who graduate with STEM degrees earn quite a bit more than their counterparts with degrees in other fields. Not to mention, the demand for workers with STEM degrees is huge and continues to grow.

These facts should leave no question about the importance of preparing students for careers in STEM. The real question is, how can we get students ready for STEM careers? Well, the first step is for educators to keep abreast of what is happening in the STEM education field. This way they can be sure that they are preparing students for what’s to come.

Whatever method you use, making sure your are using reliable resources can be a daunting task. The best way of learning what to do (and what not to do) is through seeing what others have done before you. That is where Twitter can be immensely helpful – if you know where to go. The following are 24 of the best Twitter Feeds about STEM Education. Some of these are inspirational, (because that is required on tough days), infomational, and many are a combination of both.

Two things are taken into account for all entries on this list.

  • The feed must be relevant, at least some of the time. Most of these focus on STEM education, but a few of these have a slightly broader view of education, and these have a lot of other great information for those in the education field
  • They sites must be active. In other words, they should have someone posting to them on a regular basis, not just once a month or less.
  1. @TeachingSTEM: Provides readers with articles on science, tech, engineering, and math.
  2. @stemschools: Gives readers great tips on promoting STEM education.
  3. @STEMschool: Disseminates excellent tips on how to teach a STEM subject.
  4. @SciAfterSchool: A great place to find STEM resources.
  5. @crsscience: Want to liven up your curriculum? This Twitter feed can help.
  6. @STEMAhead: Follow this feed to learn about STEM Ahead, and their beautiful programming.
  7. @stemnetwork: Educator schools twitter about STEM resources and initiatives.
  8. @NSTA: The NSTA is the go-to place for resources related teaching STEM in the classroom
  9. @STEM_Works: Ran by SMU, this resource helps teachers to find information on STEM instruction.
  10. @leache: Edward Leach shares STEM-related news.
  11. @STEMConnector: Tweets out STEM-related updates, articles, and resources.
  12. @MITK12STEM: MIT-backed Twitter feed that will keep you up to date on all things STEM.
  13. @changeequation: This feed is all about encouraging STEM literacy while providing you up to date STEM resources.
  14. @ConnectMinds: A Wonderful community whose mission is to get more kids involved in STEM.
  15. @almostrocketsci: Encourages kids to consider careers in the STEM fields, and provides them the resources to do just that.
  16. @exploratorium: Allows children to explore a career in STEM, and provides educators with up to date news and resources.
  17. @STEMChallenge: Uses video games to get kids involved in STEM.
  18. @egfi: Allows children to explore a career in STEM, while providing them with information about careers in STEM.
  19. @ScienceCenters: Tweets out pertinent information about science and technology centers across the nation.
  20. @OppEquation: Ensures that kids underrepresented groups are exposed to STEM careers.
  21. @SciGirls: Helps girls explore a career in STEM.
  22. @cstemorg: Helps minority groups learn more about careers in STEM.
  23. @NCWIT: Devoted to helping more girls and women to choose STEM careers.
  24. @womenintech: Showcases women in tech careers, offers advice to women interested in tech careers and encourages young girls to become involved in tech.

Did we miss any?



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