The Edvocate’s List of 40 Must-Read Higher Education Blogs

*The Edvocate is pleased to produce its “Best of the Best” resource lists. These lists provide our readers with rankings for education-related blogs, twitter accounts, influencers, products, etc. These lists are meant to be fluid, and for that reason, they are regularly updated to provide up to the moment information.*

The world of higher education is unlike any other sphere. It is a place where young people strive to learn who they are and find a career path, where leading experts pass on knowledge, and many people simply try to figure out what they want to do.

There are so many thought leaders and experts in the realm of higher education. This can make trying to wade through a wealth of higher education blogs seem impossible. The following list can help you find some of the most insightful, educational, and entertaining blogs in higher education. We’ve even gone through and ranked them to help you determine which are the most helpful.

The rankings for are broken down into four categories.

  1. Activity (25%). Blogs need to be regularly updated. The blogs that are updated daily (or almost daily) score well here.
  2. Originality (25%). Sites should offer something new so that they have more value (otherwise, why would you read them).
  3. Helpfulness (25%). There is a lot of information in higher education, so the sites need to be helpful for resolving problems and knowing what is happening. A high score here means that the site is almost universally helpful – if it deals more with a niche, the score could be a little lower as it will not be useful or helpful to everyone interested in higher education.
  4. Authority (25%). The blogger or bloggers are experts or authorities in the field. If the blogger or bloggers are not experts (they could be in the media or writers who aren’t experts), the score will be lower.

The blogs are ranked first by their total score in these four areas. That will show you which ones are popular and are likely to contain information trending in your field. We also endeavored to give you a quick summary of what each blog covers.

  1. Higher Ed: NPR

Managed by NPR, this is a blog that covers all of the latest news, both highly publicized and little-known topics, making it a must read for anyone in higher education. It has something for students, staff, faculty, and administrators, and can help you keep current with the rapidly changing world of academia.

Score:  Active 25, Original 25, Helpfulness 24, Authority 24
Total: 98

Twitter: @NPR_ED

  1. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

This blog provides a look at education from many different angles. The site is updated daily, but the blogs are updated a couple of times a month (sometimes more often based on the time of year). As the name suggests, it highlights the issues of concern to minorities in education.

Score:  Active 24, Original 25, Helpfulness 24, Authority 24
Total: 97

Twitter: @DiverseIssues


  1. Prof Hacker

This blog focuses on teaching, technology, and productivity within academia, but it does occasionally stray into politics when the latest news affects higher education.

Score:  Active 25, Original 24, Helpfulness 22, Authority 25
Total: 96

Twitter: @ProfHacker

  1. NACAC Admitted

The NACAC (or National Association for College Admission Counseling) is the place to go if you work in admission, or if you (or your kids) are getting ready to take the plunge into the admissions process.

Score:  Active 25, Original 22, Helpfulness 24, Authority 23
Total: 94

Twitter: @NACAC

  1. NAFSA: Association of International Educators

NAFSA focuses on the latest in news, from politics to holidays, around the world. They also offer advice on a number of different topics through guest bloggers.

Score:  Active 22, Original 24, Helpfulness 22.5, Authority 25
Total: 93.5

Twitter: @NAFSA

  1. Campus Technology

For the latest in news about available and upcoming technology on campus, you should have this blog bookmarked. Multiple posts are added daily, making it something you can make part of your regular routine.

Score:  Active 21, Original 24, Helpfulness 23, Authority 25
Total: 93

Twitter: @Campus_Tech

  1. Bryan Alexander

One of the best-known authorities for technology in higher education, this blog covers a wide range of tech-related topics that can be inspirational and informative. From finances to international higher education to the latest news in the US, it is always worth a look to see what he has to say on a weekly basis.

Score:  Active 22, Original 23, Helpfulness 21, Authority 25
Total: 91

Twitter: @BryanAlexander

  1. ACRLog

The blogs focus on things that matter to both librarians and academics. It takes a look at how best to reach students through the library setup, how to manage events and a host of other items that you may not think about when you talk about libraries. It is a niche subject, but it is incredibly helpful to those who need their libraries or who are interested in seeing how best to utilize them in a higher education setting.

Score:  Active 23, Original 25, Helpfulness 19, Authority 22
Total: 89

Email: [email protected]

  1. Inside Higher Ed

This is a site that everyone in higher education should bookmark because it has posts about virtually everything in the field. With an area that goes to other blogs and articles, it is like a search engine just for those in the industry.

Score:  Active 25, Original 20., Helpfulness 21, Authority 22
Total: 88.5

Twitter: @InsideHigherEd

  1. Confessions of a Community College Dean

Followers of this blog get a look into the life and experiences of a dean. With facts, answers, tips, tricks, and the occasional touching tribute, this blog is great for anyone in academia. There are also details about how he balances work with family life so you will get a look into his wit and witticisms on a wide range of subjects. It is done somewhat anonymously, so if you want to contact the blogger, you will have to go through the comments section of the blog.

Score:  Active 25, Original 25, Helpfulness 15, Authority 23
Total: 88

  1. Times Higher Education

A higher education blog staple, Times Higher Education takes in the news and events about and on campus on a daily basis. It is a great way to start the day catching up on events that you may have missed or to prepare for tomorrow.

Score:  Active 25, Original 18.5, Helpfulness 23, Authority 20.9
Total: 86.9

Twitter: @TimesHigherEd

  1. Coursera Blog

Though not specific to higher education, this site covers a lot of related areas (as well as a lot that specifically address higher education issues and ideas).

Score:  Active 23, Original 20, Helpfulness 23, Authority 20.8

Total: 86.8

Twitter: @Coursera

  1. Frontiers

If you are interested in staying current with the latest in elearning, this is the blog to bookmark. With several posts a week, the site covers a range of elearning topics, such as adaptive learning, policies, and the use of the latest virtual tools.

Score:  Active 20.5, Original 21, Help 23, Authority 22
Total: 86.5

Twitter: @WCET_info

  1. Top Hat Blog

Top Hat strives to keep students and professors working together. They cover a good bit of news and assessments about higher education edtech too.

Score:  Active 23, Original 21, Helpfulness 20, Authority 22
Total: 86

Twitter: @TopHat

  1. IIE Opening Minds

The focus of this particular blog is on the various international learning experiences, such as studying abroad and latest learning theories around the globe. It takes a unique look at how to open minds through higher education on the international stage.

Score:  Active 16.9, Original 23, Helpfulness 22, Authority 24
Total: 85.9

Twitter: @IIEglobal

  1. International Student Blog

Designed to help international students, this blog focuses on the issues, concerns, and news specific to the niche. Whether you need advice on socializing in a new country, tips on traveling, or what to expect over the various holidays around the world, it is a great place for those who are learning outside of their home country.

Score:  Active 22, Original 23, Helpfulness 21, Authority 19.7
Total: 85.7

Twitter: @IntStudent

  1. Faculty Focus

Dedicated to professors, assistants, and anyone who teaches in higher education, this blog provides a lot of information on a regular basis. It also stays focused on this area so you will not get sidetracked by news and other topics that tend to dominate other sites.

Score:  Active 25, Original 19.5, Helpfulness 21, Authority 20
Total: 85.5

Twitter: @FacultyFocus

  1. A Millennial Professor’s View of Higher Education

The blog focuses on many of the different aspects of higher education administration and staffing, from finding a job to creating and maintaining long-term relationships in the academic world. If you are an administrator, this is definitely a blog you should be checking out regularly.

Score:  Active 18.3, Original 22, Helpfulness 23, Authority 22
Total: 85.3

Twitter: @drjtedwards


This blog highlights many different conferences, technologies, and methods that are instrumental to being successful in the academic world. As it is managed by a consultant in the UK, you can also find some wisdom and words about how to successful work for others around the globe. There is a nice dovetail between the two areas, making it a blog that is great for educators and business professionals.

Score:  Active 18, Original 25, Helpfulness 18, Authority 23
Total: 84

Twitter: @EricStoller

  1. EDUCAUSE Blogs

This blog has a focus on legal and administrative concerns. There is a hefty dose of privacy related information posted on a regular basis, which is great as it is one of the fastest changing areas of technology. There is also a considerable amount of policy issues addressed, making it a great site for admin and staff.

Score:  Active 22, Original 21, Helpfulness 15, Authority 23
Total: 81

Twitter: @EDUCAUSEreview

  1. University Business

If you are in administration, this is a must follow blog to keep you informed and help you plan for the future. With multiple blogs posted daily, there is always something new for your to learn or consider.

Score:  Active 25, Original 17, Help 20, Authority 18.5
Total: 80.5

Twitter: @UniversityBusiness

  1. High Ed Webtech

For administrators and staff who manage their school’s tech, this site is invaluable. Regular posts cover the latest trends, how to do them right, and what to avoid.

Score:  Active 20, Original 23, Help 18.4, Authority 19
Total: 80.4

Twitter: @mrichwalsky

  1. Academic Computing

A new blog posts about every other month, but it well worth the wait. The focus is on coding in higher education and new technology. It also touches on topics that matter to professors and students who would like to keep up with the way colleges are teaching computer basics and coding.

Score:  Active 10, Original 25, Help 20, Authority 25
Total: 80

Twitter: @neilccbrown

  1. Will Richardson

If you want a thought provoking blog that takes on random subjects, this one does not disappoint. While other blogs tend to repeat each other, this one is utterly unique and enjoyable when you want to cogitate about something different.

Score:  Active 22, Original 25, Help 17, Authority 15.5
Total: 79.5

Twitter: @WillRich45

  1. Academic Tech Tips

This blog takes a look at the newest tools and trends that professors and administrators can use in schools. It also provides some help on common tools and how to get the most out of them.

Score:  Active 23, Original 19, Help 20, Authority 17
Total: 79

Email: [email protected]

  1. UnCollege

This is a blog aimed at a very specific niche in higher education – student taking a year off of going to school. Since the point is to take a break, the blog gives you ideas and advice about how to make that year both productive and enjoyable so that you are ready to go back and finish your degree with enthusiasm.

Score:  Active 20, Original 25, Help 15, Authority 18.6
Total: 78.6

Twitter: @UnCollege

  1. Udacity

The primary focus is on data and technology, but there is also a heavy emphasis in how they change higher education. It is an interesting blog to track for those who are interested in technology or who want to see where edtech could take higher education in a few years.

Score:  Active 19, Original 21, Help 18.3, Authority 20
Total: 78.3

Twitter: @Udacity

  1. The College Puzzle

Geared more towards students, this blog focuses on how to adapt and thrive in college. They post regularly, making it a site to bookmark for regular perusal.

Score:  Active 25, Original 19, Help 18, Authority 16
Total: 78

Twitter: @Michael_Kirst

  1. The Theory Blog

This blog looks at some of the most entrenched ideas in higher education and questions them. It is thought provoking, even if you do not always agree, making it well worth a monthly check for updates.

Score:  Active 15, Original 25, Help 18.5, Authority 19
Total: 77.5

Twitter: @BonStewart

  1. On Campus

Covering the latest information on campus, this blog is a treasure trove of the latest news, trends, and statistics. It is a great resource for students, professors, and staff, and gives you a way to connect with others to get more information.

Score:  Active 22, Original 16, Help 22, Authority 17
Total: 77

Twitter: @OnCampusWGBH

  1. e-Literate

For the latest in initiatives, news, edtech, and other concerns in higher education, this is a great blog to visit often. With daily posts, there is a wealth of information on this site. When you have some extra time, dig into the archives for some additional learning.

Score:  Active 22, Original 18, Help 19, Authority 17.5
Total: 76.5

Twitter: @mfeldstein67

  1. Campus Overload

This is the site to bookmark if you want to stay current on any news that is either related to higher education or that can have a serious effect on the field. Many of the issues posted are related to activism and concerns on campuses across the country.

Score:  Active 24, Original 15, Help 22, Authority 15
Total: 76

Email:  [email protected]

  1. Logorrhea

As the name suggests, this is a blog that tends to go all over the place, hitting both high profile and more obscure topics in higher education. There is a lot of advice in that can help you keep things in perspective through some of the most difficult situations.

Score:  Active 17, Original 23, Help 18, Authority 17.5
Total: 75.5

Twitter: @DavidJHinson

  1. HEDDA

HEDDA stands of the Higher Education Development Association, and their focus is on helping instructors and administrators. With postings about once a week, they provide details on events and news that can help you plan for future conferences or take lessons learned from recent academic events.

Score:  Active 23, Original 16, Help 18, Authority 19
Total: 75

Twitter: @HEDDAhighere

  1. Blog High Ed

Blog High Ed pulls blogs on higher education and puts them in a single space. The topics cover the gamut of what you need to know in higher education, from Google Analytics and teaching in the classroom to graduation to the latest news. Anyone attending, teaching, or attached to a college or university should bookmark the site and check back regularly for new information.

Score:  Active 25, Original 10, Help 20, Authority 18.5
Total: 73.5

Twitter: @mherzber

Email: [email protected]

  1. Higher Ed Live

The weekly posts to this blog cover the entire higher education gamut. From how to relate to students to dealing with social media to helping get parents engaged, this site has something for everyone who works in academia. They also offer a “Best of” list at the end of the year to help you sift through the wealth of blogs for the highlights.

Score:  Active 19, Original 20, Help 18, Authority 16
Total: 73

Twitter: @HigherEDLive

  1. Student Affairs & Technology Leadership

Take a look at higher education through the eyes of Joe Sabado. His blogs cover many of the challenges he has faced and experiences that have enriched him on his road to becoming the CIO of Student Affairs in Santa Barbara, CA. It is well worth the read if you aspire to become a higher education administrator, or simply want to improve in areas like public speaking and communicating across different departments.

Score:  Active 15, Original 21, Help 19, Authority 17
Total: 72

Twitter: @JoeSabado

  1. Campus Grotto

A great blog for students and educators, this site provides a lot of information on pretty much anything related to higher education. It is geared more towards those who are new to the arena, but it can give you some great insight no matter how long you have been in academia.

Score:  Active 19, Original 20, Help 20, Authority 15
Total: 70

Twitter: @CampusGrotto

Email form:

  1. Totally Rewired

The tagline for the site says it all – “…education, technology and random stuff.” The site is a great source of information about higher education, and a bit of random news and trending topics to keep you entertained as well as informed.

Score:  Active 12, Original 22, Help 18, Authority 16
Total: 68

Twitter: @Chri5Rowell

  1. Higher Ed Management

With a focus on those in the management of higher education, this blog is a great read even if you are not in management. It can give you advice if you are a higher education leader, or it can let you see how to better work with the administration at your school.

Score:  Active 10, Original 18, Help 16, Authority 20
Total: 64

Twitter: @HigheredMgmt


Whether you are a student, staff, faculty, or administrative, it can be incredibly difficult to stay current on the latest news and trends. By keeping track of a few of your favorite blogs, you can at least take research off of your to-do list.






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