The Edvocate’s List of 88 Amazing Edtech Tools, Apps, and Websites

*The Edvocate is pleased to produce its “Best of the Best” resource lists. These lists provide our readers with rankings for edtech-related blogs, twitter accounts, influencers, products, etc. These lists are meant to be fluid, and for that reason, they are regularly updated to provide up to the moment information.*

Let’s face it. Edtech is here to stay. If you are in the field of education, you need to keep abreast of the latest developments in edtech. We decided to help you out by creating a list of 88 amazing edtech tools, apps, and websites. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Engrade – Bring all of the stakeholders in education together.
  2. Noodle – Online learning just got smarter
  3. Dreambox Learning– Challenging math instruction.
  4. LessonCast – Design educational experiences that inspire teachers and students alike
  5. Enzi – Can help solve educational funding inequality.
  6. littleBits – Opensource database of electronic
  7. Edutopia – Website devoted to proving educators with research-based instructional strategies
  8. Education Elements – A trailblazer in the area of blended learning.
  9. Goalbook – Allows all of the stakeholders in education to collaborate.
  10. Knewton – Assists schools in providing personalized learning experiences for students.
  11. SnappSchool– Make helping your child with their homework a breeze.
  12. Planboard– Lesson planning has never been this easy
  13. Schoology – Comprehensive learning management tool.
  14. BetterLesson– Provides teachers with access to free educational resources
  15. LearnBoost – A free electronic grading system for teachers.
  16. ShowMe– A learning community for learning and teaching anything.
  17. it – A comprehensive lesson planning solution.
  18. ClassDojo– A comprehensive classroom management tool.
  19. symbalooEDU – Provide your students with access to the best that the web has to offer.
  20. The Coursebook– Share, track, and great learning experiences
  21. Rafter– Free course materials for students
  22. Coursekit – Basic, yet powerful learning management system
  23. Glogster – A must have multimedia system for educational stakeholders.
  24. Remind101 – A free text messaging system for teachers.
  25. Teachers Pay Teachers – A marketplace for teaching resources
  26. iversity– A social media network for academics.
  27. Time to Know – Online learning and teaching platform.
  28. Haiku – A simple, yet robust
  29. Celly – An app to tries to perfect school communication.
  30. Certification Map– Becoming a certified educator has never been this easy.
  31. GlobalScholar – A comprehensive teaching, learning, classroom management, and school management app.
  32. OpenStudy– An online tutoring and studying app.
  33. Grantoo– Helps students with financing their education.
  34. Brightstorm – Affordable test prep and free tutoring.
  35. Student of Fortune– Online tutoring and homework help.
  36. Slader – Helps students with their homework.
  37. Acceptly – Helps students navigate the college admission’s process.
  38. EducateNcare – real-time tutoring and homework help.
  39. Spill – A support group comprised of students.
  40. Abroad101 – Reviews for student abroad programs.
  41. Desmos – No cost, online calculator for graphing.
  42. Top Hat Monocle– Homework helper.
  43. Socrative – Engage your classroom with this product.
  44. Brainscape– Mobile learning solution that is based on brain science.
  45. Highlighter– Allows students to organize things that they have read.
  46. Matygo – A solution for flipping your classroom
  47. eSpark– Assists schools in using ipads to boost student achievement.
  48. StudySync – Elearning that inspires scholarship.
  49. Skillshare– Helps people learn anything, anywhere.
  50. ePals – Links classrooms from around the globe.
  51. Udacity – Allows anyone to take a university course
  52. Coursera – Free courses from the world’s best universities.
  53. Udemy– Elearning classes taught by experts.
  54. eLearning Brothers– Helps anyone develop game and courses for online delivery.
  55. TED-Ed– Allows teachers to spread their speeches and ideas across the globe.
  56. Khan Academy – Allows anyone to learn almost anything at no cost.
  57. 2tor – Allows you to deliver traditional lessons online.
  58. General Assembly – A campus for techies.
  59. The Concord Consortium – Wants to unlock the potential of edtech.
  60. K12 – Online learning for K-12 learners.
  61. Sclipo – Allows colleges to deliver courses online.
  62. Memrise – Online learning platform.
  63. Mindflash – Online training.
  64. Duolingo – Free access to online language learning.
  65. WizIQ – Elearning resources.
  66. Myngle – Language learning delivered online by private teachers.
  67. Mingoville – Learn English online.
  68. Edmodo – Social learning network for Educators
  69. Inigral – Social media network for higher education.
  70. Sophia – Online learning platform for learning new skills
  71. BlueTeach– Online learning site with 10,000 users
  72. Spongelab– An online learning community for the field of science
  73. eduFire – A learning community that happens to be online.
  74. BenchPrep – Online test prep.
  75. Magoosh – Online test prep in the form of a personal tutor.
  76. WatermelonExpress – Accelerated online test preparation.
  77. Grockit– A fun way to prepare students for college entrance exams.
  78. smsPREP – Imagine test prep and text messaging.
  79. PrepU – Adaptive testing platform that was developed by teachers.
  80. CarrotSticks – Math class made fun.
  81. Motion Math – Develop a fun game for Math class.
  82. BrainNook– A game that helps students learn Math.
  83. MindSnacks – Allows students to acquire new languages.
  84. The Education Arcade– A collection of online learning games.
  85. a4cwsn– Apps that were specifically developed for students with special needs.
  86. Do-Be – A site that inspires creative teaching.
  87. Vittana – Microloans for educational use.
  88. Funding4Learning – Crowdfunding for the area of education.

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