The Fifth Human Need: Growth

There are a total of six emotional needs that need to be fulfilled in one way or another. These needs are basic to people, and we will do anything to get them. The first four needs are a certainty, variety, significance, and love and connection. The last two needs (growth and contribution) work together to achieve a higher level of fulfillment. Before a person can grow and contribute, all four of the previous needs have to be met.

How to Achieve Growth

To achieve growth, you have to pursue activities that encourage you to go beyond yourself. Here are some examples: 

1.Learn new skills

One of the best ways to learn is by learning new skills that will help you grow in your profession. You can start by trying different methods and approaches to make your work more efficient.

2.Set Goals and Challenge Yourself 

This is to encourage you to keep moving forward and pushing yourself. We grow when we set goals for ourselves and find ways to overcome challenges that come our way.

3.News and Current Affairs

Look beyond your comfortable and familiar bubble by tuning in to the news and current affairs. Reading up on what’s happening in other parts of the world not only strengthens your reading skills but can also expand your worldview.

4.Engage with Like-Minded People

It’s one thing to keep yourself informed and another to discuss your ideas with other people. You will encounter people who share your opinions and those who oppose yours. Through this experience of exchanging ideas and opinions, you can have the opportunity to expand your understanding of others.

5.Have a Creative Pursuit

Having creative outlets does wonders for a person’s mental health and overall well-being. Whether you’re learning to paint or learning to play an instrument, this can help improve your brain capacity. In this case, you don’t even have to be the best at it, because what’s more important is the process of learning.  

6.Learn a New Language

Like learning to play an instrument, learning a language is a good way to improve brain function. You can learn it for yourself or learn it to teach your children.

7.Get Physical: Exercise and Move Your Body

Choose one that suits your taste. Weightlifting, yoga, running, and swimming can be good options to explore. Exercising the body allows you to work on your coordination, release toxins in the body and even improve your metabolism.

8.Play Games

Give your brain an exercise by trying different games. Puzzles, video games, and even team sports help boost brain function by challenging your memory, decision-making, problem-solving and analytical skills. 

9.Pursue New Adventures

When we get older and become set in our ways, we tend to enjoy and yearn for things that are safe and predictable. However, people grow when they try something new because it encourages them to become flexible and manage unexpected situations.

10.  Teach

The paradox of teaching is that to teach, one has to keep learning. Teachers impart knowledge and life skills to students. As a teacher, you have to constantly study and keep yourself updated with the latest information in your respective field and keep up with the latest teaching trends and strategies. Engaging with young minds will keep you on your toes!

Final Thoughts There has to be a balance for the first four needs because they tend to interfere with each other. If you notice, the examples I stated above have a lot to do with learning and challenging yourself.  We grow by challenging ourselves and trying something new. The best part is, you are never too old to do any of these.

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