The Key to Education Technology Success Is People

Over the past few years, education technology has become an increasingly popular and important tool for education. In fact, most educators rely heavily on tech to provide their learners with their academic needs.

There are plenty of advantages to using education technology in the classroom. With that being said, some educators make the mistake of neglecting face-to-face teaching when it comes to their lessons. 

When this happens, certain learners are often left feeling alone in their studies. In this article, we will be examining why people are the key to success in education technology. 

Education Technology

As we have already discussed, education technology is becoming a massive part of contemporary-day education. Schools can use so many tools and technologies to provide their learners with the best resources possible. 

There are various ways these technologies can be used in the classroom. For example, some educators use education technology to add a visual element to the theory taught in class, such as a video or PowerPoint presentation. This is a great way to balance the use of tech and face-to-face teaching. 

However, most other educators fall into the trap of relying too heavily on tech for their lessons. Below, we will discuss how education technology can fall short when used in the classroom. 

When Education Technology Does Not Have the Desired Effect

When educators begin to neglect face-to-face teaching, education technology can have an undesired effect in the classroom. For example, some learners may feel alone when it comes to their work. 

Certain educators provide their learners with digital lessons using education technology. This is not always the best idea, as it will not be as simple for the learners to ask questions when they do not understand what is being taught. 

Also, when educators only use visual materials for their lessons, such as YouTube videos, some learners will begin to feel like the educator does not understand the work themselves. In that case, the learners could use YouTube or online materials to learn from home by themselves. 

For these reasons, the educator should always make an effort to include both education technology and face-to-face teaching into their lessons. 

The Key to Education Technology Success

Seeing how education technology would not be as successful in the classroom without the help of educators makes sense because people are the key to its success. Educators should understand when the use of tech is appropriate and when face-to-face teaching is more fitting. When educators get the balance right, education technology can be a potent tool that works wonders in the classroom. 

Education technology has become very popular over the past couple of years, and there are plenty of advantages to these tools. However, education technology should be balanced with face-to-face teaching during lessons so that they are as successful as possible.

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