The Learning Counsel holds second annual awards event

The Learning Counsel, “a mission-based organization focused on helping education professionals,” recently held its second annual awards event in New Mexico.

Close to 70 educators were in attendance for the two day event where education statistics and research were discussed.

“We put the gathering together to create a unique collaborative experience. We took a look at all the different types of education conferences and realized there was a missing link that was necessary in the shift in education that we are all experiencing,” said Learning Counsel CEO LeiLani Cauthen.

In addition to talking about research and education, educators were also presented “six TED talk-like presentations followed from educators who shared their visions, experience, success and failures.”

As the event came to a close, awards in varied areas were given out to “ten attending schools and districts” for being exceptional in technology and innovation.

Events of this nature are always good to see. In order to improve education and what’s offered to students, it is important for educators to discuss new ways to innovate and to be celebrated for their contributions.

An intimate gathering where attendees received the opportunity to get to know one another, this event’s success and size are surely to grow as more educators find out just how great The Learning Counsel’s National Gathering and Annual Awards event can truly be. Those in attendance not only learned from each other, but also had an excellent networking opportunity – which will prove valuable as these innovators develop new ideas on how to best deliver educational content.

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