The Odyssey Essay Topics

Odyssey Essay Questions

  1. How Did the Greeks Depict God in “ The Odyssey”?
  2. In “The Odyssey,” Are Women the Cause of Many Difficulties for Odysseus?
  3. How Is “The Odyssey” Book Written Based on the Characters’ Flaws and Imperfections?
  4. Why Is Odysseus Considered a Hero in “The Odyssey”?
  5. What Can We Learn from The Odyssey’s Adventure?
  6. Is Homer’s “The Odyssey” Entertaining?
  7. What Is the Primary Message of “The Odyssey”?
  8. How Does Hubris Affect Odysseus in the Epic Poem “The Odyssey”?
  9. How Does the “The Odyssey” Relate to Modern Life?
  10. In the “The Odyssey,” How did Odysseus Demonstrate the Characteristics of a Hero?
  11. How Does “The Odyssey” Represent the Value of Family?
  12. What Did Homer Mean to Say in “The Odyssey”?
  13. In the “Iliad” and “The Odyssey,” Do the Olympians Prefer War or Peace?
  14. Did Odysseus Cause His Own Trouble in “The Odyssey”?
  15. Which Epic Is More Relevant to a Modern Reader, Virgil’s “Aeneid” or Homer’s “The Odyssey”?
  16. Telemachus in “The Odyssey” and the Origins of Heroism
  17. What Can We Learn from “The Odyssey” about Greek Culture?
  18. In “The Odyssey,” Did Odysseus Prove to Be a Good Leader or Not?
  19. In “The Odyssey,” How Did Telemachus Grow from a Boy to a Man?
  20. What Is One of “The Odyssey’s” Themes?
  21. How Does Homer Use Suspense to Make “The Odyssey” Story More Interesting?
  22. How Are Women Presented in Homer’s “The Odyssey”?
  23. Is Odysseus a Hero or Villain?
  24. How Did Homer’s “The Odyssey” Represent the Divine?
  25. Why Is It Necessary to Study “The Odyssey”?
  26. How Does the Theme of the Star-Crossed Lover Appear in the “Aeneid” and “The Odyssey”?
  27. What Is a Good “The Odyssey” Thesis Statement?
  28. In Homer’s “The Odyssey,” Why Does Odysseus Fit the Epic Hero’s Mold?
  29. What Role Does Fate and Free Will Play in “The Odyssey”?
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