The Quickest Way to Learn Multiplication Facts

When I was an elementary school student, math was not my strong suit. However, I found it easy to learn multiplication facts; all because my math teacher had a strategy that helped me to learn them fast. When I became a special education teacher, of course, I had to teach math, but I had gotten much better at it throughout the years.

A couple of my students suffered from dyscalculia, which made learning multiplication facts hard for them. So, what did I do? You guessed it, I thought back to my days as a student and pieced together the strategy that my math teacher used. And to my amazement, it worked like a charm. My students learned their multiplication facts super fast, and when I quizzed them a month later, the skill remained.

Fast forward to today, and while I was looking form some info on math teaching tips, I found a video explaining that very instructional strategy. I was so inspired, I decided to share it with you all. I have provided the video below, just in case you want to use it with your students.

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