The Top 10 Higher Education Issues We All Agree On

Higher education is a hot topic these days, with students, parents, and lawmakers all debating the best way to provide it. So, what are the top 10 issues about higher education that we all agree on?

1. College is essential for success in today’s economy.

2. College is not a four-year degree only. There are different types of higher education available and all of them offer opportunities for success.

3. Tuition and expenses are rising rapidly and there is no end in sight.

4. The cost of a college degree is becoming increasingly difficult to afford.

5. Students should be able to transfer credits to other colleges and should not have to declare a major or take specific classes in order to transfer.

6. College should be accessible to everyone no matter their financial situation.

7. College should provide a wide range of career options so students can find the right fit for them.

8. Colleges and universities should be accountable for the outcomes of their students.

9. Colleges and universities should be transparent about their costs and how they are funded.

10. There is a need for greater collaboration between colleges and universities so students can find the best possible education for them.

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