The Unruly Goddess of Discord and the Importance of Order

Discordia, the Roman equivalent of Eris, is the embodiment of chaos, lawlessness, and confusion in Greek mythology. She is known for stirring up strife and conflict among humans and gods alike, relishing in the disruption of harmony and order. Teaching students about Discordia can be a valuable lesson in understanding the importance of order, stability, and balance in our world.

The Mischievous Disruptor

Discordia is often depicted as a mischievous figure, gleefully sowing discord and chaos wherever she goes. Her mischievous nature is evident in the myths, where she is often seen slipping in among gods and humans, whispering words of suspicion and mistrust, or simply throwing an apple inscribed with the words “For the Fairest” into the midst of a gathering, sparking the Trojan War.

The Importance of Order and Structure

Discordia’s disruptive actions serve as a stark reminder of the importance of order and structure in our lives. Without these foundations, society becomes unstable and vulnerable to conflict and turmoil. Teaching students about Discordia can help them appreciate the role of rules, laws, and social norms in maintaining order and stability.

The Balance Between Chaos and Order

It is crucial to note that chaos and order are not mutually exclusive concepts. They are two sides of the same coin, each playing an essential role in the universe. Just as excessive chaos can lead to destruction, excessive order can stifle progress and creativity. Teaching students about Discordia can help them understand this delicate balance and appreciate the role of both chaos and order in maintaining a healthy and vibrant world.


Discordia, the goddess of discord, may seem like a negative force, but her presence in mythology serves an important purpose. She reminds us of the fragility of order and the importance of vigilance in maintaining harmony. Teaching students about Discordia can help them develop a deeper understanding of the world around them, appreciating the interplay of chaos and order, and the delicate balance that sustains our universe.

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