These 3 Stats Will Show You How Americans View Education Right Now

The numbers are in. Many Americans no longer view college as ‘very important’ according to the first part of the 46th annual PDK-Gallup poll.

Here are a few of those numbers, explained:

  1. According to the poll, only 44 percent of Americans cite college education as ‘very important’; a number is down from 75 percent just four years ago. A larger percentage of Americans now view education as ‘fairly important.’
  2. The number of parents who said it was somewhat or very likely that they would be able to pay for college for their oldest child is down to 69 percent from 77 percent in 2010.
  3. As a whole, Americans are doubtful about students’ career readiness; just 13 percent said a high school graduate is ready. Thirty-seven percent of Americans agree that college grads are ready for the work world.

Americans believe that the most important factor in helping a high school student eventually get a good job is learning skills such as dependability, persistence, and teamwork.

The second part of the poll, released this week found that a majority of public school parents want selective teacher training programs and that they believe new teachers should work for a minimum of one year with a certified teacher prior to manning their own class.

The feud of Common Core continues; the majority of Americans oppose the Common Core State Standards and the Teach for American program embraced by the Obama administration. Over half of Americans said that the curriculum used in their community’s schools needs altered.

I find the results to the poll really interesting. It’s unfortunate that so many Americans don’t view college as ‘very important.’ The declining belief in the importance of college is really disheartening and I hope we can find a way to turn these numbers around and encourage more students to pursue higher education.

What do you think about these new views? Should students see college as more important than they do now? I would appreciate hearing from you in the comments.


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