These “Never Starting Tales” Lessons Help Get Kids Outside to Learn


In today’s world, where technology dominates and screen time has become the norm, it is more important than ever to encourage kids to get outside and engage with their surroundings. This is where the “Never Starting Tales” lessons come in – a unique approach to outdoor learning that combines storytelling with hands-on activities to get kids excited about exploring the outside world.

The Concept of “Never Starting Tales”

“Never Starting Tales” is an innovative educational concept that uses unfinished stories as a catalyst for learning. The idea behind it is simple: by providing children with a framework for a story that they need to complete, you can not only boost their creativity but also encourage them to interact with the environment.

These tales are specially designed with cliffhangers or open-ended situations that prompt kids to venture outdoors and make use of their surroundings to fill in the gaps. As they explore and find new ways to craft their narrative, they learn valuable lessons about the natural world, teamwork, and problem-solving.

How “Never Starting Tales” Lessons Get Kids Outside

1. Encouraging Exploration and Discovery

By presenting children with an incomplete story, you are essentially challenging them to find solutions by going outside and examining the environment. This sparks their curiosity and encourages exploration, turning the great outdoors into a vast playground of knowledge and adventure.

2. Fostering Teamwork and Collaboration

The “Never Starting Tales” require children to work together as they brainstorm ideas on how to progress the story further. This promotes cooperation, effective communication, active listening, and constructive feedback among peers – key skills that can be carried over into other aspects of their lives.

3. Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills

In addition to working collaboratively, kids must also figure out how to solve puzzles or challenges related to their story. As they tackle these obstacles step by step, they strengthen their problem-solving abilities and develop confidence in their own resourcefulness.

4. Inspiring Creativity and Imagination

Part of the appeal of “Never Starting Tales” lies in the limitless possibilities for each story. As children come up with different ways to finish their tales, they learn to think outside the box, experiment with original ideas, and harness their innate creativity.

5. Connecting With Nature

Not only do these lessons promote mental and social skills, but they also help children forge a deeper connection with the natural world. By having them use their environment as a source of inspiration, kids learn to appreciate and be more mindful of nature’s wonders.


The “Never Starting Tales” lessons offer an innovative approach to outdoor learning that engages children both mentally and physically, while nurturing invaluable life skills. By leveraging stories’ innate appeal combined with the thrill of exploration, these immersive experiences inspire a love for learning and help kids discover the wonders hidden in the world around them.

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