These “Other Duties As Assigned” From Teachers Are Truly Bonkers


Teaching is a noble profession, requiring dedication, patience, and the ability to communicate complex concepts effectively to young minds. However, educators are often given additional responsibilities beyond teaching, which can range from odd to downright bizarre. Let’s dive into some of the truly bonkers “other duties as assigned” that teachers have been asked to perform.

1. Animal Wrangler:

Educators often find themselves in the role of animal wrangler when dealing with curious creatures that find their way into schools. Whether it’s corralling a bat flying around the gym or catching a squirrel that has wandered into a classroom, teachers must apply their skills in biology and diplomacy in order to resolve these unexpected situations safely.

2. Emergency Medical Technician:

When working with children, accidents are bound to happen. But when those injuries require more than just a bandage, teachers must step up and act as emergency medical technicians until professionals can arrive at the scene. From administering first aid for broken bones to improvising makeshift tourniquets, teachers have been known to save lives using their quick thinking in emergency situations.

3. Cafeteria Monitor:

During lunchtime, many teachers not only have to ensure that students are eating properly but might also find themselves moonlighting as unofficial cafeteria monitors. They are often responsible for managing rowdy student behavior and navigating food fights that can erupt without warning – truly an unappetizing addition to their daily tasks.

4. Amateur Plumber:

With plumbing disasters occasionally striking schools, many teachers have had no choice but to temporarily swap their textbooks for a plunger before contacting maintenance professionals. Leakages and floods caused by toilet blockages can quickly transform educators into amateur plumbers trying to prevent further damages.

5. Fashion Police:

With dress code guidelines frequently enforced by schools, teachers often walk the thin line between being educators and fashion police. Ensuring that students adhere to the dress code guidelines while not stifling their creativity and individuality is a balancing act many educators need to perform.

6. Meteorologist:

Outdoor activities play a crucial role in children’s development, and it’s up to teachers to ensure that the weather is suitable for such events. Teachers often find themselves becoming impromptu meteorologists by monitoring weather forecasts, deciding if it’s safe for outdoor activities, or planning alternative indoor exercises in case of unfavorable conditions.

7. Lost and Found Coordinator:

As schools’ designated lost and found coordinators, teachers are tasked with reuniting misplaced items with their rightful owners. From lunchboxes to jackets, educators develop an almost detective-like talent for matching the growing collection of unclaimed items to their forgetful young owners.


While teaching remains a treasured profession, “other duties as assigned” can lead to teachers unexpectedly taking on disparate and unusual roles throughout their day. Despite these added challenges, dedicated educators persevere in shaping young minds and promoting a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

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