Things to Do After You Are Admitted to Grad School

So you’ve just been notified about your admission into grad school, and you are super excited. You had to put in the time and effort to gain admittance. You were also able to make it through the admission process, which is never easy. However, many applicants feel excited and surprised at the same time after receiving news of their admission. The excitement is expected, but so is the confusion, as students worry about the next steps. What are the things you should do after finding out that you have been admitted into grad school?

1. Be Happy

Let out the emotions that come with the moment. However, you want to express yourself upon receiving the news, do it. Some students dance, laugh, while others cry or jump up and down with joy. You have spent the previous year or years thinking about the future, so you deserve to enjoy the moment. Although happiness is the usual and ordinary reaction that follows this big announcement, some students are so shocked that they become anxious and sad. These nervous feelings are not unusual as they express the emotional stress of waiting for such a long time.

2. Analyze the Terrain

To get your bearings, answer these questions; Is this your first offer of admission? How many schools did you apply to? You might be tempted to accept the first offer that comes to you, but you are advised to wait if you applied to other schools. Even if you applied to only one school, do not rush to accept the offer. Take your time and consider the offer before accepting or rejecting it.

3. Don’t Hold unto Two or More Offers

Luckily for you, this offer of admission may not be your first. Some applicants choose to hold onto all the offers without deciding until they hear from all the schools they applied to. It is, however, advisable not to hold onto many offers for a couple of reasons. The first being that you will only make the decision-making process more difficult. The second and most important reason is that you prevent other applicants on the waitlist from getting admitted when you hold onto an admission offer you don’t plan on accepting.

4. Analyze Details

When assessing offers, make sure you pay attention to the details. What type of program are you attending, a doctorate or a master’s program? Have you been given financial aid? How about research assistantships or a teaching position? Do you have all the resources for a graduate study (cash, financial aid, and loans)?

5. Make a decision

Many times, decision-making involves choosing between two graduate programs. Apart from funding, other factors to consider are; reputation, academics, and your gut feeling. Also, think about your desires, your values, and your personal life. Speak to other people too, don’t make the decision all alone. Your close family and friends can help during the decision-making process because they know you well and can give you a whole different way to look at the offer. Professors can examine the decision from a career development and academic viewpoint. After everything, the ball is in your court, and the decision is yours to make. Consider the advantages and disadvantages, then once you have made up your mind, don’t look back.

6. Inform the Graduate Programs

Once you’ve made up your mind, inform the graduate programs immediately. This is the right thing to do, especially for the program whose offer you are rejecting. Once they are informed that you are not accepting their offer, they can go ahead to accept other applicants on their waitlist. How can you inform the school about your decision? This can simply be done via email. If you are sending an email to the school, don’t forget to be professional. Your address and writing style must be formal and polite, and you can begin by thanking the admission board. Then write that you have either accepted or rejected the offer.

7. Celebrate

After evaluating the offers, making a decision, you are now free to celebrate your success. The waiting period is over, and you have made the tough decision. Now that you are sure about what you will be doing next year, go out and celebrate your victory.

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