Three Myths About Acquiring Knowledge Are Now Exposed

One of the essential objectives of acquiring knowledge is to clarify previously believed myths and misconceptions. As you scroll through the internet or hear from your elders, you might come across numerous myths. But they are just that – ‘myths’ with no evidence. 

Below are three such myths with an explanation that proves them wrong. Curiosity sure kills the cat, but satisfaction brings it back to life, after all!

The Smallest Seed To Exist Is A Mustard Seed 

Other seeds are much more minuscule than mustard seeds, comprising poppy seeds and duckweeds. Orchid seeds are, in reality, the smallest seeds in the world. This concept arose due to its religious context. The Bible compares faith to a mustard seed that is the earth’s smallest seed. 

This might have led people to believe quite literally that mustard seed is the smallest seed instead of taking it in a hyperbolic sense. Plus, in the old times, the mustard seed might have been the smallest seed people of Israel knew or used. 

Bulls Get Angry When They See The Color Red 

Bulls are a bit color blind which means that they can’t see red color. They do get defensive, angry, or feel threatened, leading to them charging at anyone. They have this impulse to either run away or run over. 

Sure, in bullfights, you see excessive use of red capes, but they are just props used to rile the bulls. They charge at the matadors when they are teased or taunted. So, bulls don’t get furious because of the red color. Instead, they just get annoyed because of the mocking matadors. 

Solid, Liquid, And Gas Are The Only Three States Of Matter

Plasma, also referred to as the ionized gas, is the fourth state of matter. It isn’t goo or gel. Instead, plasma is sort of like the overheated electrons. When cool, it does become gas but has different characteristics, so it’s not exactly a gas. 

All chemical compounds can turn into plasma if they’re brought to a high temperature. For instance, water becomes a plasma when heated, but it doesn’t remain H20, turn into oxygen, or a drinkable substance either. 

Concluding Thoughts

Did you know that you don’t just use 10% of your brain; rather, the total usage can be more than 10% as well, considering how our brain keeps working day and night! Education helps you understand just how capable your brain is, which, in turn, makes you grasp how vital knowledge is. 

Myths are nothing but misconceptions raised due to lack of research. Hopefully, these three misconceptions exposed helped spark a fascination in you and made you realize that not everything you hear or read is correct!

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