Three Ways to Inspire Teachers

A teacher’s main job or concern is to help their students to acquire knowledge, competence, and virtue. However, this is a task that is rather endless and draining. So, what happens when the teacher is the one who lacks the motivation needed to do his job properly? The system is hurt from within. Here are three ways to inspire teachers.

Encourage them

Over time, people have discovered that the one thing which teachers crave the most from parents and the system is to be supported and encouraged to do their best. Whenever their nearly endless and oftentimes thankless work is noticed and appreciated, they are motivated to do more. They want to be better teachers for their students, and they want to ensure that their students are in a good learning environment. They’ll do their jobs well as long as they have the support of those around them.


Teachers are humans. Yes, they love their jobs, but when they keep doing the same thing repeatedly, it becomes a habit and a monotonous job devoid of excitement. They become jaded, and rather than being willing to accept challenges; they shy away from them.

But this will change when you introduce incentives into the equation. Bringing in incentives via a performance-based salary is a great way to wake them up and fire their competitive spirit. Although people don’t become teachers because of the pay but rather because of their love for imparting knowledge, it is worth remembering that these professionals have families, needs, and wants of their own. Therefore, paying them based on good performance output gives them something to look forward to, despite the drudgery of their demanding jobs.


This is something that can easily get misplaced due to the daily challenges that teachers face. They must deal with unruly students, uncooperative parents, and a rigid system. This daily fight takes nearly everything out of them. At times, they find themselves forgetting why they fell in love with teaching in the first place.

To keep teachers focused, they should be reminded of the love they feel when imparting their students with knowledge. Remind them of the joy that comes from graduating another class. And above all, remind them of their duty and responsibility as a teacher shaping the young minds that have been put in their care. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder of who they are and why they do what they do.


When teachers are really motivated to teach their students, the excitement is palpable. The students sense it, and it makes them interested in learning. This makes the classroom more exciting, and student performance improves, unlike when the teacher is completely uninterested. Motivated teachers can carry their students along, and it is hardly surprising that such teachers are usually able to produce students with excellent grades.

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