Tips for Education Technology Entrepreneurs

Education technology entrepreneurs all set out with good intentions: to better the education field. Although noble, these intentions are met with many obstacles, and failure is easy. Only 14% of educators use digital curricula weekly. So although the doors of opportunity seem open, the market is saturated with products that never make their way into the classroom. If education technology entrepreneurs are to flourish, they need to address educators’ fears about tech while still pushing innovation. In this article, we will discuss several tips for education technology entrepreneurs.

Speak to Educators and Learners

As with any app, you need to know what the consumer wants. Doing market research is a foundational aspect of entrepreneurship, and the education technology industry is no different. Creating an education app or tool without having a concept of its practical use, classroom implementation, or learner’s needs will fail. Entrepreneurs need to be aware that their concepts around education may be outdated and the concerns already addressed.

Make Education Technology that Serves a Purpose

Not all education technology entrepreneurs have worked in the education field. Therefore, it is important that the education app or tool be defined and that it serves a purpose. Companies should never aim to replace educators but aid learners and educators to better do their work. 

Do Research into Pricing and Investors

The death of any education technology app or tool is unrealistic pricing. As with any product, profit margins should be slim in the beginning. Appeal to a broad market and be knowledgeable of pricing models.

Start Minor

Education technology entrepreneurs would love to have thousands of kids using their products, but this is only accomplished over time. Be realistic about who the education app or tool is aimed at and how much content will be available. Start small by offering consumers an education app or tool that is budget-friendly to both parties’ pockets and satisfies their appetite for more.

Download and Play with Education Technology 

To make a unique education app or tool, it is important to know what is on the market and how they succeeded or failed.  The best way to accomplish this is to download and use as much education technology as possible. This gives you an eye into the competition, but it also ensures that the product is not duplicated. 

Network with the Education Technology Community

Networking for new entrepreneurs is invaluable. Connecting with other education technology professionals opens doors to meeting investors, collaborating, and learning from influential entrepreneurs who have found success. With the internet, this ability to network is easier than ever.  

If you have an excellent concept about an education technology project or are already in the process of creating one, these tips offer something for everyone. It is important to stay focused and make sure that the good intention that fueled the concept materialized into an education app or tool that any educator would be proud to have in their classroom.

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