Tips for Working on a College Group Project

It can be a great experience to work together and do a group project in college. But it can also be a nightmare if there is no cooperation and systematic work. If all the members do not contribute equally and lay the entire burden on one or two members, it can become a big headache. It may not be ready on time, or you may have to work hard on the date of submission. Here are some tips that can help you to make the group project successful. And also earn high grades through it.

Set Goals and Allot Roles Early

It is essential to set clear goals at the very beginning. That will give all the members a clear idea of what they are supposed to accomplish. If they are familiar with the goal, the project can progress on the right track. Specify the work that each member is supposed to do. In this way, they will know that they are responsible for a particular part of the project and try their best to complete that part. If each one contributes sufficiently and performs their role properly group project will surely be a success.

Decide to Complete the Project a Few Days Before the Deadline

Get together and set a date by which you will complete the project. The date should be a few days earlier than the day of submission. For instance, if your group has to submit the project by the 15th, decide to complete it by the 10th or 12th. It will help you to avoid last-minute delays. Sometimes a file may get lost, or a member may fall sick. By completing the project a few days earlier, you will get a chance to review it and make any changes if they are needed. It will also save you a lot of stress on the final day.

Ask the Members to Provide Periodic Updates About their Work

You may work sincerely on your section of the project. However, there may be one or two members who may not give enough attention to the work. As a result, they may not contribute sufficiently to the project. Your project may get delayed because of them. So ask all the members to inform the group of the progress they have made. Let them tell the other members how far they have proceeded periodically.

Keep Some Time for Review

Several members would have worked on the project. There are chances that the work may be confusing or disconnected. Ask your professor, another group, or any other capable person to review the project before submission. Do this at least five days before the project’s due day, so it will be possible to go through it once again and make changes if needed.

Inform Your Professor In Case Some Member Does Not Contribute Sufficiently

It may not be a pleasant task, but if someone in the group does not do their share of work, you can talk to the professor about it. You can let them know about it when the project is halfway through or after its completion. If you let your college professor know, they may be in a position to help you.

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