Tips On Developing Writing and Spelling Skills At Home

Writing is one of the ways humans express their thoughts and ideas. It is essential to cultivate this skill throughout your life, especially when developing your vocabulary and verbal skills. 

These responsibilities do not fall on teachers alone, as the development of writing and spelling skills should be continued at home, as well. How do you help cultivate these skills at home, though? 

There are several ways, and we want to share with you a few that could be very helpful to you and your child.

Getting Your Child To Write At Home

The trick is to make the writing process engaging for your young ones at home. This can be done in many ways, from jotting down the instructions you give them for their chores to letting them write your grocery list.

Here are a few more ideas:

  • After reading a book or trying a new dish, let the child write a review. You can let them do this digitally or have them use old-fashioned pen and paper. Then, have them read it to you.
  • If your home is into politics, maybe you can discuss the election or the president. Then, have them write about what kind of person they would like to be as a president.
  • Another great option is to have them with you to help find an image online. Then, they can write a story or article about it.
  • Gift them a diary and make it a nightly routine to write in it together.

What About Spelling?

Spelling is important, but allowing the kids to work the word out on their own is essential, as well. Make sure you let them have enough room to try, but also help them find ways of figuring out how to spell the words that they do not get right. 

Topics & Tools

Writing is also a skill that will help the child collect their thoughts and organize them logically. This will help them better share their thoughts and express their ideas as they grow. 

If you are looking for things to have your kids write about, tons of online resources have writing prompts that you can use. These can be used daily or weekly to help improve writing and spelling skills.

Concluding Thoughts

Writing and spelling are core tools that every child will need for a successful academic career. They play a role in everyone’s life from early childhood to adulthood, so we hope these tips can help cultivate writing and spelling skills in your child. 

By using these options, you will be taking a proactive part in your child’s future and supporting their teachers, too!

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