Toddler Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your toddler? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

ABC Alphabet Phonics– A free app that teaches toddlers and young children who are learning to speak. By applying various senses (sight, sound, etc.), children can learn the alphabet and a few other optional subjects. Parents can also customize the app using their voice and taking photos of their child’s favorites items to make the experience more stimulating and personal.

ABC Alphabet Phonics: Song– An entertaining learning experience for children new to the alphabet. They learn the name and the sound the letters make when used in words while having so much fun that they do not realize they are learning. Supported on both iPhone and iPad.

ABC Food– Let your children experience the exciting culinary world using their senses of sight, sound, and touch with the award-winning ABC Food app. The app presents numerous photos, videos, and interactive games to teach children to chop, slice, and cook food items. It also expands your child’s vocabulary with about 70+ new words. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use interface. 

ABC Go– Let your children experience the exciting world of vehicles (trucks, cars, trains, etc.) using their senses of sight, sound, and touch with the ABC Go app. Expand your child’s vocabulary with 60+ new words. The app presents numerous photos, videos, and interactive games to teach children to identify different vehicles. It also comes with a simple, easy-to-use interface.  

Alphabet Match– Help your toddler learn the alphabet as they are cheered on by the voices of other toddlers as they match colorful images to letters of the alphabet. The app comes with extra levels for more challenging activities for your child. The free version supports ads, and while the pro version without ads is available for a small cost.

Attainments ELSB Early Literacy Skills Builder-A software program targeted at helping toddlers learn to read and pronounce sounds. Under the tutelage of Moe, the frog, children try to complete 14 goals from easy to hard skill levels. Based on 5 years of research done at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, ELSB has been proven to be a useful program even when compared to a sight-w1.  

Dress Up: Professions– This is a fun app for young children to learn to identify color, professions, items of coloring, and how to differentiate left from right. Children also develop their fine motor skills and creativity as they dress up the cute children on the app, which contains about 30 puzzles and 100 garments for 15 professions. This app was developed by PlayToddlers and is suitable for both male and female children

First Letters and Phonics– With the use of First Letters and Phonics, young children are taught to match the letters and listen to a song. The app is toddler tested and approved and includes two original renditions of the ABC Song by Debi Derryberry, a well-known children’s musician. Children develop critical pre-reading skills while being entertained and engaged. They learn to recognize uppercase and lowercase, identify words each letter begins with, know phonics, and develop excellent motor skills.

Knock Knock Family-Toddler’s First App– Knock Knock Family-Toddler’s First App is a game geared toward toddlers ages one to four. It is designed to help them learn faces, sounds, shapes, gestures, and basic words. It is a peek-a-boo style game that you can personalize from your camera roll, by taking photos within the app or by customizing audio cues. You can include the entire family with dad’s happy smile, mom’s cheerful voice, and sister’s silly faces so that your little tyke will learn to recognize everyone and connect sounds to faces. This app promotes attention and memory skills, as it encourages children to learn to associate each member of the family with an object or sound as they knock on the game’s virtual door.

Magic Spell-first words– Little kids are fascinated by fantasy and the expansive world of magic. They are also fascinated by the world of communication when they begin learning to speak and read. Magic Spell is a perfect app for little ones just learning how to read. By teaching spelling and pronunciation using fun magic illustrations, animations, and sounds, Magic Spell will help your child learn fast. The app includes reinforcement and lots of rewards for correct answers; Magic Spell will make sure your toddler will be confident in the beginning words of their journey.

Monster Numbers– Math is one of those classes and skills that everyone needs, but very few students like. Your toddlers or young students will fall in love with math the Monster Numbers way. This app adapts gameplay and difficulty to fit your child’s needs, and it helps children age four and up learn and practice math skills while interacting with cute and silly monsters.

Peekaboo Barn– Peekaboo Barn is an app that introduces kids to animal images and their names and sounds using the popular peek-a-boo game. Parents usually start playing games such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake with their babies from between ages six and nine months, because in this period babies, develop social skills and begin to mimic sounds. Using this app, parents can enhance their babies’ development. When the child becomes a toddler, he or she can use the app with adult supervision.

Peek-a-Zoo– Peek-a-Zoo is a game that teaches children to identify animals. Animals are dancing, eating, wagging their tails, wearing sunglasses, sleeping, and doing many other fun things in this game! It was designed for toddlers. Each page on the app poses a different question, and it requires the child to identify a specific animal. Learn the names of animals: alligator, cat, chicken, cow, dog, elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, monkey, mouse, panda, penguin, pig, seal, skunk, walrus, zebra, and an imaginary “squirgle”! Listen to jazz and classical versions of favorite children’s songs made especially for this app.

Pink Tower– This app helps children learn to identify minute differences in shapes and forms. This popular Montessori activity is now available on the iPad to help your toddler prepare for mathematics. It has twelve activities to choose from, each of which requires your child to arrange cubes in the correct order until the desired pattern is formed.

Shapes Toddler Preschool-Shapes Toddler Preschool allows toddlers to play and learn without additional help as it focuses on simplicity and makes use of full voice-overs. It exhibits colorful quizzes, flashcards, games, and puzzles and using positive reinforcement and fun prizes. The child-safe menu also permits parents to design gameplay and difficulty level.

TallyTotsCounting – Toddlers can learn to count with 20 action-packed, motivational mini-games using TallyTots Counting. The mini games are focused on teaching quantity, ordering, and sorting skills. From making sandwiches to counting cupcakes, each game uses colorful graphics and fun music to engage children. The app also features a sing-along counting song and an assisted counting guide up to 100. There will never be any in-app purchases or advertising. The app is compatible with both iPhones and iPads and requires no internet connection.

ToddlerToy Factory– With a focus on spelling, reading, and memory skills, children build and match toys in this app designed for children aged 1-7. ToddlerToy Factory comes with 10 free toys, with the option to purchase an additional 70 toys. There are three rooms in the app: Make, Find, and Ship. In the Make room, children select and drag letters into a machine to build words. When correct words are built, toys come out of the machine. In the Find room, children search through crates to find matching toys. When toys are matched, children can play with them or clean them up by putting them into another machine. In the Ship room, children put toys into barrels to practice counting. When full, the barrels can be shipped.

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