Top 10 Teach Starter Blogs of 2018

As the year comes to a close, educators around the globe look back on the wealth of resources and insights gained from educational blogs. Teach Starter, known for its engaging and informative content, has once again impressed with a plethora of blog posts in 2018. From teaching strategies to classroom management tips, Teach Starter has been an invaluable resource for teachers seeking inspiration and professional development.

However, amidst this treasure trove of educational wisdom, some gems have truly stood out. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the Top 10 Teach Starter Blogs of 2018:

1. Building Empathy in the Classroom: This heartwarming piece highlighted inventive ways to introduce and develop empathy among students. The blog provided actionable strategies for educators looking to nurture a more compassionate classroom environment.

2. Tech Tools for Teachers: A favorite among tech-savvy educators, this post compiled an essential list of technological tools designed to enhance learning experiences and streamline teaching processes.

3. Creativity Unleashed: Art Integration Ideas: Artists and non-artists alike found inspiration in this blog that explored the integration of visual arts into various subject areas, showcasing how creativity can significantly enhance student engagement.

4. Math Games that Make Learning Fun: Who said math can’t be fun? This popular post listed interactive math games that not only make learning enjoyable but also reinforce essential mathematical concepts.

5. Mastering Classroom Management: A definitive guide for many teachers, this blog provided effective strategies for establishing and maintaining a positive classroom environment conducive to learning.

6. The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Reading: Literacy is paramount, and this extensive guide was acclaimed for its comprehensive look at teaching reading skills across all grade levels using diverse methodologies.

7. Science Experiments for Budding Einsteins: Capturing the wonder of science, this post was packed with simple yet fascinating experiments that turned classrooms into laboratories of discovery.

8. Innovative Assessment Methods: Moving beyond traditional testing, this insightful article introduced various formative assessment techniques that cater to different learning styles and help track student progress accurately.

9. Mindfulness in Education: Educators looking to bring mindfulness practices into their classrooms were grateful for this blog, which offered practical advice and exercises aimed at reducing stress and increasing focus among students.

10. The Teacher’s Toolkit: Essential Resources: Last but not least, this highly bookmarked post served as a one-stop-shop for teachers in search of must-have resources like lesson plans, organizational tools, and classroom decor ideas.

The Teach Starter team has indeed outdone themselves in 2018 by providing these top-tier articles full of guidelines, tips, and activities that have enriched classrooms around the world. As we usher in a new year filled with potential, educators eagerly anticipate more innovative content from Teach Starter’s dedicated contributors.

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