Top 20 Sound Facts for Kids

There are many interesting things to know about sound! In this article, we will share 20 top sound facts for kids to learn.

  1. Sound travels through air.
  2. Sound travels in waves.
  3. Sound can travel through solids.
  4. Sound can be reflected.
  5. Sound can be diffused.
  6. Sound can be muffled.
  7. Sound can be made louder or softer.
  8. Sound can travel through liquids.
  9. Sound travels faster in colder temperatures.
  10. Sound travels slower in warmer temperatures.
  11. Sound travels in straight lines.
  12. Sound can bounce off surfaces.
  13. Sound can be reflected multiple times.
  14. Sound can travel through a vacuum.
  15. Sound can be heard over great distances.
  16. Sound can be heard through walls.
  17. Sound can cause vibrations.
  18. Sound can be measured in decibels.
  19. Sound can be measured in hertz.
  20. Sound is a form of energy.
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