Top 3 Tips To Get College Credits in High School

These days many undergraduate students are unable to finish their degree within the standard four years. In fact, it may take some students up to 6 years to complete it. 

However, there is a way you can speed up the process of getting a college degree while you are still in high school. This way, you might just be able to get a degree within four years and not have to wait six years or more so that you can land your dream job.

Why Advanced Placement Is The Best Option

Advanced Placement courses are the best way to earn college credits in high school. That’s because AP courses are pretty much like entry-level college courses in terms of content and difficulty level. Most colleges across the U.S will consider a high enough score on an AP test as sufficient college credit. 

If you have a good AP score and get into a college that accepts them, you can easily get exempted from introductory level courses and jump straight into the more advanced level courses. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that you must send your AP score to the college of your choice through the College Board only. Otherwise, you might not get the required college credits.

Importance Of College-Level Examination Program

The College-Level Examination Program is another excellent way to earn enough college credit in school so that you can skip entry-level courses at college. The College Board also administers this program, and it involves giving a test similar to the SAT or ACT.

Plus, there are some great online resources like Khan Academy that can help you cover all the bases for preparing for the College-Level Examination Program.

The Perks Of Attending Summer College

As a high school student, enrolling in summer college is the best way to make the most of your summer break. 

Most colleges offer these programs to high school students through which students get to attend college-level courses in specific disciplines that they want to study at college in the future.

The biggest perk of attending summer school is that it allows you to get a head-start on your college degree during summers when you have free time. And because there isn’t any workload from school, you can do well in these courses and earn some college credit.

Concluding Thoughts

Prepping for these tests on your own will require a lot of discipline and dedication but trust me, it is all worth it if it means you get to graduate from college sooner.

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