Top 5 Apps for Teacher Communication

In today’s social climate, waiting for even a couple of hours to receive a return email can be considered rude. Add in the fact that parents and students want to continue discussions long after school hours are over, can make it difficult for teachers to keep up with the constant need for communication. Luckily, technology can help solve some of the vast problems it causes. Below are 5 of the best apps, both for phone or computer, that can help you keep in contact with your students and their parents quickly and efficiently.

  1. Remind

Remind is a free way to instantly text students and parents from your phone. You can send reminders, assignments, homework, or other messages directly to students and parents. The beauty of Remind is that all phone numbers are kept private, and the messages are sent without open replies. Therefore, all confidentiality is kept for each student, and no numbers are openly known by any of the parties. You can even add in push notifications so that everyone remains informed even when they’re out of the classroom.

  1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a simple to use classroom format that does it all. Teachers can text students when they are doing well, and give them points and other positive reinforcement right away. This can also be transmitted to parents, allowing them to feel more connected to their student throughout the day. Pictures and text messages can be sent to parents safely. Also, students can add their work to a portfolio that they would like their parents to see. If you’re looking for a positive app, this one will work for you.

  1. Edmodo

Edmodo allows for more interaction with students and teachers outside the classroom. Discussions, video, and other content are readily available for students. Secure groups can be created, allowing for more in-depth discussion if needed. It also allows teachers to track student progress through its online grade book.  Edmodo was one of the first and continues to be one of the favorite methods of e-learning out there.

  1. Study Blue

Study Blue is one of the best study tools available. It allows for both teachers and students to create and share flashcards, notes, and quizzes. The app requires the internet for creating the flashcards, but once created the cards can be studied offline. Students can also collaborate within the app, allowing for group study sessions and more.

  1. Google Classroom

If you’re not familiar with Google Classroom, part of the Google Apps system, you should get familiar with it fast. By far one of the most comprehensive online tools for classroom communications and organization, Google classroom allows for discussions, assignments, assessment, and review all in one place. One of its best features is that students can turn in assignments through the platform, giving teachers an easy view way to see who has or hasn’t turned in an assignment. It also allows for quicker grading, as students can see when the teacher has viewed, commented on, or graded their work.

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