Top 7 Ways to Fix Airplane Mode Grayed Out on Windows 11


Airplane mode is a handy feature on Windows 11 devices, designed to keep your laptop or computer wireless capabilities disabled while in-flight. However, there are times when the toggle switch for airplane mode is grayed out, preventing you from turning it on or off. This article provides the top 7 solutions to fix the airplane mode grayed-out issue on your Windows 11 device.

1. Restart Your Device:

As simple as it may sound, restarting your device can resolve many issues, including the airplane mode grayed-out problem. To restart your device:

– Click on the Start button

– Click on the Power icon

– Choose “Restart” from the menu

2. Check Your Physical Wireless Switch:

Some laptops have a special physical switch dedicated to turning wireless connectivity on and off. Make sure this switch is in a working position and not locked by accident.

3. Update Device Drivers:

Outdated network drivers could be the cause of this issue:

– Right-click on Start and select “Device Manager”

– Expand “Network adapters,” right-click your wireless driver, then click “Update driver”

– Follow the instructions to update your driver

4. Run Network Troubleshooter:

Windows has built-in troubleshooters that can help identify and fix network-related issues:

– Click on Start and choose “Settings”

– Navigate to Network & Internet > Advanced network settings

– Under “More actions,” click on “Troubleshoot network problems”

– Follow the troubleshooting steps provided

5. Reset Network Settings:

Resetting your network settings can clear any issues causing airplane mode to be grayed out:

– Click Start and choose “Settings”

– Go to Network & Internet > Advanced network settings

– Scroll down and click on “Network reset”

6. Change Network Adapter Properties:

Tweaking a few settings in the network adapter properties could resolve this issue:

– Open Device Manager, expand Network adapters, and right-click your wireless network adapter

– Click on “Properties” and navigate to the “Power Management” tab

– Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”

– Click “OK” and restart your device

7. Update Your Windows OS:

Make sure your Windows 11 is up to date, as new updates can fix bugs and issues:

– Click Start and choose Settings

– Go to Windows Update > Check for Updates

– Follow any prompts to update your system


Having airplane mode grayed out on Windows 11 can be frustrating, but it’s generally not a major issue. By following these seven steps, you can efficiently resolve most airplane mode issues and continue using your device without any problems.

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