Top 7 Ways to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails from Gmail on Windows


Emails have become an essential mode of communication for personal and professional activities. When Outlook does not receive Gmail emails on a Windows system, it can cause interruptions in your daily routine. Fear not; here are the top 7 ways to fix this issue and get you back on track.

1.Enable Gmail IMAP:

Outlook uses the IMAP protocol to communicate with Gmail. Ensure that IMAP is enabled in your Gmail account settings by logging into your Gmail account, navigating to the settings, clicking “See all settings,” selecting the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab, and finally enabling “IMAP Access.”

2.Configure Outlook Correctly:

Check that your Outlook email client is correctly configured with your Gmail account. Head over to the “File” tab in Outlook, click on “Account Settings,” and confirm that your username, password, incoming mail server (, outgoing mail server (, and port numbers (993 for IMAP and 465 or 587 for SMTP) are accurate.

3.Verify Internet Connection:

A stable internet connection is necessary for Outlook to synchronize emails with Gmail. Confirm you are connected to a reliable network by browsing websites or performing an internet speed test.

4.Remove Filters & Rules:

Sometimes, email filters or rules in both Gmail and Outlook can hinder email synchronizations. Thoroughly inspect your email filters by visiting your Gmail settings under “Filters and Blocked Addresses.” Similarly, investigate any Outlook rules via the “Rules & Alerts” option in the “Home” tab.

5.Check Spam or Junk Folders:

Occasionally, emails from Gmail unintentionally end up in Spam or Junk folders in Outlook. Regularly check these folders to ensure you’re not missing important correspondence.

6.Update Email Client Software:

Ensure that you are running the latest versions of your Outlook email client and Windows operating system. These updates frequently fix compatibility issues or known bugs that might be impeding email synchronization.

7.Firewall or Antivirus Settings:

Overzealous antivirus and firewall settings can block Outlook from receiving emails. Examine your antivirus and firewall settings, creating exceptions for Outlook to establish uninterrupted connections with Gmail servers.


Incorporating these top 7 solutions should resolve the issue of Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail on your Windows computer. Regularly updating your email client, verifying configurations, and checking for any hindrances will significantly enhance your emailing experience between Gmail and Outlook.

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