Tracing Phone Calls with *57: A Handy Tool for Tracking Unwanted Callers


In today’s interconnected world, we rely heavily on our phones. However, with the rise in communication technology, we must also protect ourselves from unwanted phone calls. Thankfully, features like *57 make it easy to trace phone calls and gather information about suspicious callers. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use *57 to trace a phone call.

What is *57?

*57 is a call tracing feature provided by most telephone service providers. By dialing *57 after receiving an unwanted call, you can request your service provider to trace the origin and details of the call. This information can be shared with law enforcement, helping you track down and stop harassing or threatening callers.

How to Use *57:

1. Receive an unwanted call – When you receive an unwanted or suspicious phone call, make sure not to hang up immediately. Instead, note the time and any relevant details about the conversation.

2. Dial *57 – After ending the call, wait for a dial tone before pressing *57 on your phone.

3. Listen for confirmation – Your service provider will share a message indicating that your call trace was successful.

4. Record the details – Jot down information provided by your service provider’s confirmation message, including the date and time of activation.

5. Contact law enforcement – If necessary, share the traced call information with local law enforcement officials to help them investigate further and possibly identify the caller.

6. Follow up with your service provider – Check with your provider’s customer service team to ensure they have sufficient details about the traced call for future reference or further investigation into potential harassment.

Potential Limitations:

While *57 is a powerful tool for tracing phone calls, it’s essential to note some potential limitations:

– The feature may not be available everywhere or with every telephone service provider.

– In some cases, the service provider may require a police report before releasing any details about the traced call.

– It may take time for the information gathered via *57 to be shared and acted upon by law enforcement agencies.


Using *57 to trace phone calls can be an effective way to gather information about unwanted callers, helping you protect yourself from harassment and threatening phone calls. However, it’s crucial to remember that *57 may have some limitations depending on your location and service provider. By staying vigilant and using this tool wisely, you can maintain your privacy and ensure a safe phone environment.

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