Tracy McGrady creates new HBCU funding campaign

Former NBA star Tracy McGrady has launched a new initiative that’s geared towards raising $105 million for HBCU schools. By way of, “the goal of the program is to raise $105 million or $1 million per institution.” Having a famous face back up a HBCU-specific funding program is hopefully exactly what these institutions need to see a jumpstart in funding, and interest.

McGrady has partnered with HBCU Direct in an effort “to build awareness of HBCU’s and increase overall enrollment” and I believe this effort will do just that.

For his part, McGrady donated $105,000 to the initiative to help get the program started.

“The partnership provides a huge opportunity to use our voices to support the efforts of the nation’s 105 HBCUs to build awareness and attract talent,” McGrady said.

According to, U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an increase of 11% in black high school seniors who have enrolled in college.

That’s not necessarily all to HBCUs but it is an encouraging figure that shows how engaged black students are in continuing their education despite talk of how black kids may view higher education. Faces like Tracy McGrady’s also show the importance of higher education in the black community and that is should be supported.

Many black students will have HBCUs in their list of schools to potentially attend anyway, but more funds from this program that may aid in their ability to recruit more students is certainly helpful. I hope more recognizable names step up to support the future of HBCUs like Tracy McGrady.

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