Transform Your Education Technology Marketing Strategies

Ready to unleash yet another education technology product on the market? If so, you will need a plan for marketing it. If not, all your hard work will go unnoticed.

Instead, transform your education technology marketing strategies by building a brand your consumers love and want to support. You will also need to develop a loyal fan base, speak their language, and do your homework.

Build a Brand

Universities do it, and so should you. Learners and alums buy branded items, but not because they need one more t-shirt or lap blanket. Customers make a purchase to be part of something bigger. They want to fit in.

Your education technology marketing strategy should mirror the university playbook for branding. To do this, begin with your values. Think back to why you developed your education technology product. What was it that was important?

If you can encapsulate these values in a few words or phrases, you’re on your way to creating your mission and vision statements. These make your brand image, and that’s how people know you. Your brand should be something that anyone can get behind.

Sign up Your Squad

Next, build your consumer base. You can spend massive amounts of money on marketing strategies, but consumers are some of your best marketers. Those who become passionate about your work are your squad.

Get them connecting with you in a variety of ways, such as giveaways and prizes. Educators appreciate free stuff, especially when it’s something they can use in their classrooms. Respond quickly and personally to their posts about your product on social media platforms. If something isn’t right, offer publically to make a correction. It shows how much you care and that you’re just as human as anyone else.

Most importantly, however, find ways to validate them and recognize them for their support. Genuine appreciation goes a long way with educators.

Speak the Language

Finally, be sure you speak the language. Educators tend to be friendly but spend some time brushing up if you don’t know your ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) from a WISC (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test). Learn what tiered instruction means and why emotional intelligence (also known as SEL, Socio-Emotional Learning) matters.

If you don’t takethe time to understand what educators are talking about, you can’t help them solve their problems.

Avoid Becoming a Failure

Few entrepreneurs set out to fail, but nearly half of small businesses drop out of the game by their fifth year in business.

The reasons for education technology failures are legion, including:

·       Skipping marketing tests. Competent marketers test their effectiveness. They stop doing what doesn’t work and focus on what works.

·       Ignoring data or having no data. Proof matters. Provide it.

·       Not including a call to action. Do more than just present your product. Have people do something: try it out, sign out, make a purchase now.

Marketing strategy transformation for your education technology product begins with you. You have to be willing to take the steps that will set you apart from the others. 

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