Tricks and Tips for Substitute Teachers

Just a quick and dirty list of tips and tricks for substitute teachers.

1. Follow the plans.

2. Go in early.

3. Fill your time.

4. Fill those last few minutes.

5. Try a math filler.

6. Take attendance.

7. Stay the course and leave notes.

8. Stay professional.

9. Dress in layers.

10. Turn on a movie.

11. Don’t be afraid to be picky.

12. Manage the classroom.

13. Bring your own supplies.

14. Create a mobile desk.

15. Act confident.

16. Solicit student help.

17. Read books with the students.

18. Be honest.

19. Listen to a read-aloud.

20. Be flexible, and let students be flexible.

21. Make feedback fun!

22. Bring some fidget toys.

23. Be strong early on.

24. Bring a game.

25. Advertise yourself.

26. Be social.

27. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

28. Try collaborative art.

29. Prepare with videos.

30. Draw boundaries.

31. Try rewards for good behavior.

32. Use the sub tub.

33. Assign classroom jobs to students.

34. Try a team-building activity.

35. Work the room.

36. Be cool

37. Dress the part.

38. Consider taking your students on a field trip.

39. Build relationships.

40. Stay confident.

41. Keep it clean.

42. Document feedback.

43. Leave a business card.

44. Teach an old-school recess game.

45. Take control.

46. Make sure the classroom is in better shape than when you found it.

47. Use the aides.

48. Incentivize the students.

49. Learn from others!

50. Bring stickers!

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