Trip to the Dentist Books for Kids

As kids get older, they may start to dread going to the dentist. But that doesn’t have to be the case! There are a variety of books that can help make dental visits more enjoyable for children.

1. The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

Berenstain bears books are among some of the children’s favorite books. This book discusses oral health and oral hygiene habits. Brother and Sister bear go to the dentist in this book. It is a classic book that you could introduce before your child’s first trip to the dentist.

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2. Curious George Visits The Dentist

If you are talking about dental care routines with your children or students, bringing in curious George is an excellent idea. The colorful illustrations are beautiful and enticing for young readers.

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3. Peppa Pig Dentist Trip

Check out Peppa Pig as she goes to the dentist’s office! Based on the popular children’s character, follow Peppa as she visits the dental office on this adventure. This will take the fear and hesitation out of the experience.

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4. The Tooth Book

This hilarious book will hold the attention span of your young learners or kids. This book goes through the purpose of teeth and how to keep them clean. What do teeth do? Why are they important? This book answers all those questions.

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5. My Dentist, My Friend

This book has a fantastic spin on it! The author treats the dentist as a friend. By doing this, the author effectively eliminates the stigma and anxiety around the dentist being scary.

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