Try This Clever Pre-Writing Activity to Help Kids Brainstorm From A to Z


Pre-writing activities are essential in helping children develop their writing skills. By engaging in these activities, kids explore their creativity, expand their vocabulary, and improve their understanding of language structure. One particularly useful pre-writing technique is the A to Z brainstorming activity, which encourages young learners to think alphabetically and systematically. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using this clever activity and how you can implement it for your kids.

The A to Z brainstorming activity:

The aim of this activity is for kids to create a list of words or ideas that follow alphabetical order. For instance, each child selects a topic and writes down a related word or phrase for every letter of the alphabet. With fewer limitations on their thought process, they can generate a wide range of ideas from A to Z.

Benefits of the A to Z brainstorming approach:

1. Enhances creativity – By associating each idea with a specific letter of the alphabet, children are encouraged to think creatively and come up with unique connections.

2. Builds vocabulary – The activity prompts kids to search for related words that match certain letters, which expands their vocabulary and knowledge on the chosen topic.

3. Encourages critical thinking – To link concepts systematically, children need to analyze connections between words or phrases. This develops their critical thinking skills.

4. Improves concentration – The requirement to follow an alphabetical sequence keeps children focused during the brainstorming process.

5. Increases confidence – As children successfully complete the task from A to Z, they gain a sense of accomplishment and believe in their ability to tackle larger writing projects.

Implementing the A to Z brainstorming activity:

1. Choose a subject – Have children select an interesting topic they would like to explore further. This could be based on personal interests (such as dinosaurs or fairy tales) or curriculum-based topics for educational purposes.

2. Provide guidance – Offer a brief explanation of the brainstorming activity, ensuring kids are clear on its objectives. Help them understand that the goal is to generate as many ideas as possible, rather than focusing on perfecting each one.

3. Allow time for brainstorming – Set aside ample time for children to brainstorm their A to Z list. Encourage them to take breaks if necessary and remind them that they can always come back to difficult letters later.

4. Review outcomes – After the activity, have children share their words or phrases with a partner, family member, or group. This collaborative stage further enriches their learning experience by exposing them to different perspectives and ideas.

5. Transition to writing – As a final step, encourage kids to use their A to Z list as inspiration for their next writing project. The brainstorming session has provided them with a variety of ideas and the confidence to tackle larger-scale creative work.


The A to Z brainstorming activity is an engaging and educational pre-writing strategy that helps children ignite their creativity, expand their vocabulary, and improve focus. Implement this clever activity in your home or classroom to support young minds in exploring new topics and strengthening their writing skills from A to Z.

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