Twig Education Launches Twig Science Next Gen for Middle School

Acclaimed multimedia STEM investigations are now available for grades 6–8

(Los Angeles, Calif.) October 28, 2021–  Twig Education, creators of the leading elementary level science program Twig Science, today announced the launch of Twig Science Next Gen for grades 6–8. 

Twig Science Next Gen for middle school is an investigation-based science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) solution developed for the three-dimensional Next Generation Science Standards. It transforms the standards into story-based modules in which students take on a range of STEAM career roles through various investigation types:

  • Hand-On Labs: Students learn through inquiry-based activities, solving problems and designing solutions using resources supplied in Hands-On Kits and other everyday items.
  • Digital Interactives: High-quality simulations based on real-world phenomena and authentic data, from the Gravity Simulator and Volcano Builder interactives to adventures like “The Great Air Race” and “Into the Abyss,” let students experience science in action.
  • Real-World Multimedia Field Trips: Through video and text, students shadow scientists and engineers around the world as they explore local, national, global, and space phenomena, deepening student understanding of STEAM practices and concepts. 
  • Scientific Text Investigations: Students experience a variety of authentic scientific text types, including informational, narrative, descriptive, and argumentative, reinforcing the real-world science and engineering concepts of their learning journey.
  • Video Labs: Specially shot in the Twig studio, video labs enable students to take part in scientific inquiries and experiences that would be impractical to carry out in the classroom.

For Twig Science Next Gen, Twig partnered with some of the most highly respected organizations in the worlds of science and engineering education. Developed with the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) team, three-dimensional performance assessments evaluate student attainment of NGSS Performance Expectations and prepare students for state testing. Imperial College London also acted as scientific advisors during the development of the program, which introduces students to multiple real-life STEAM professionals who inspire and motivate students and help them explain phenomena.

Twig CEO Catherine Cahn said, “We’re so excited to bring this innovative, modern curriculum to middle school students across the country. Twig Science Next Gen gives them a chance to use up-to-date science knowledge, practices, and cognitive tools to make sense of the incredible world around them. I know that many, many students who learn through Twig Science Next Gen will use the opportunity to put STEAM subjects at the center of their lives and go on to do great things that make our lives better. We’ll be seeing the fruits of that engagement for the next 50 years or longer.” 

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About Twig Education

Twig Education is an award-winning  producer and publisher of education multimedia, specializing in short films, media-rich instructional materials, and core-curriculum solutions for pre-K–12 learning. Our flagship products include Twig Science, the complete phenomena-based program for the NGSS; and Twig Create, which gives students tools to make their own documentary videos. 

Twig’s content is aligned to international curricula and is available in over 60 countries in more than 20 languages. We’re proud of our partnerships with leading universities, including Imperial College London and Stanford, as well as with technology companies like Google for Education. Learn more at

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