Under The Sea-Inspired Preschool Activities

Looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained during their free time? There are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed under the sea! Here are some Under The Sea-inspired preschool activities to get you started.

1. Paper Plate Crab Claw

Here is a hands-on activity your preschoolers will love to make and pretend they are crabs by practicing picking things up. This craft uses fine motor skills to cut the plates, paint them, and fasten them together so they function like a crab hand!

More Information: Carolyn Warvel

2. Ocean Sing-Alongs

There are so many kid-friendly ocean-themed songs that talk about the amazing creatures and plants under the sea. You can pick a few videos you like and use them as a way to get your students up and dancing during class or play them as background music during craft activities.

More Information: The Kiboomers – Kids Music Channel

3. Ocean Sensory Bin

Time to set up an awesome play activity for your preschoolers to interact with different sensory aspects of the ocean. Your water table sensory activity can incorporate plastic ocean animals, beach sand, blue water beads, and any other toys/objects that will spark curiosity in your kids.

More Information: Homer Blog

4. Learning Patterns and Shapes 

Here is an activity idea that is great for practicing shapes, colors, and patterns. You can find these educational printables with ocean animal designs to pass out in class or at home. Kids can work together or individually to find the correct pieces and create their ocean-inspired puzzles!

More Information: Crayons and Whimsy

5. Suncatcher Jellyfish

Time to create some magic with one of my favorite ocean crafts. These suncatchers are made using different colored tissue paper pieces, ribbons, and contact paper to reflect the light and imitate the colors and movement of jellyfish. You can hang them wherever the light hits.

More Information: I Heart Arts n Crafts

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