Understanding A Good MCAT Score

When you hear the word MCAT, you think about your future. Why is that? Because your MCAT score will determine what your future will look like. It will be one of the major deciding factors of whether you get into your dream school or not. It will be the start of your medical journey. 

However, a lot of students find it hard to understand MCAT scores. They seem a little complicated in terms of numbers. Here are some tips to understand how they work:

MCAT Scores – The Raw Score

MCAT scores are scaled. There are two kinds of MCAT scores. Let’s break them down. The first one is the raw score. This is a purely objective score and tells you how many questions you answered correctly on the test. But it isn’t your final or total score. Your total score is the scaled one. 

MCAT Scores – The Final Score

The MCAT is divided into multiple sections. Each section has the highest score of 132. In the end, all the section scores are summed up. That total score range falls between 472 and 528 points. However, some MCAT examinations are more complex than others. The scoring scale will shift according to that.  

Typically, the MCAT scale has a mean score of 500. Most admission committees are advised to stay at the mean range instead of aiming for the higher ends. This is because the scale is centered.

Getting Into Your Dream Medical School

Even though the MCAT scores are scaled, that does not mean you shouldn’t work hard for it. Top medical colleges examine every criterion there is to select the best student. That involves your MCAT score along with a few other variables. These can be your high school GPA, your letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, your personal statement, and any relevant experience.

You would need to create your target MCAT score according to these variables. A good high school GPA also plays a huge role here. If you don’t have a great GPA, you might have to study extra hours for the MCAT. Make sure you calculate your GPA before rushing into your MCAT prep. 

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you know all about MCAT scores, you will find it easier to study for the test. You will have your goals clear, and hopefully, you will achieve those goals. Just a few more tips to get you started. Mark your calendar with the test dates

Understand where you stand among the rest of your peers. After all, if the scores are scaled, you need to be aware of the population and their average score. There’s always going to be someone who will get a full score, but don’t let this limit you. Let it inspire you!

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