Unleash the Engineer in Your Students – Free Classroom Poster


A classroom learning experience can vary immensely based on its environment. One way to stimulate the innovative minds of students is by adorning the walls of the learning space with inspirational, educational, and visually appealing materials. This particularly holds true when it comes to nurturing the engineering mindset. Introducing a free classroom poster – “Think Like an Engineer!”. This poster will pull your students into the fascinating world of engineering, and inspire them to think and solve problems like an engineer.

Think Like an Engineer! – The Poster

The free “Think Like an Engineer!” poster is a creative and interactive tool that encourages students to tap into their curiosity, knowledge, and skills. It works as a visual reminder for them to approach each learning opportunity with an engineer’s mindset—giving that extra nudge needed for students to dive into problem-solving and critical thinking exercises.

Featuring colorful graphics and clear, concise language, the poster consists of essential engineering practices that will motivate your students:

  1. Identify and define problems – Engineers begin their work by understanding the challenges they face.
  2. Develop multiple solutions – Creativity thrives on experimentation and trying out different approaches.
  3. Collaborate with others – Engineering projects often require teamwork; sharing ideas leads to better solutions.
  4. Test and iterate your design – Once a solution is devised, engineers test it rigorously; they then make improvements based on their findings.
  5. Reflect on results – Engineers analyze outcomes, draw conclusions, and learn from their experience.

How to Use This Poster

Here are a few suggestions on how you can effectively use this free poster in your classroom:

  1. Display it prominently in your classroom – Hang it where your students can easily see it.
  2. Incorporate it in lesson plans – Use it to guide discussions or activities about problem-solving or collaborative teamwork.
  3. Encourage students to reference it – Allow them to frequently refer to the poster when solving problems and encourage them to discuss their thought process.
  4. Implement classroom challenges – Organize activities in which students can practice applying an engineer’s mindset to solve tasks.

Where to Get the Free Poster

To accelerate your students’ journey towards thinking like engineers, download the free “Think Like an Engineer!” poster [INSERT DOWNLOAD LINK HERE]. Once downloaded, print it out and hang it proudly in your classroom to instill engineering curiosity in your students!


The “Think Like an Engineer!” poster sparks a desire to think critically and embrace creativity by laying out characteristics of successful engineers. Download this free poster today and watch as it effortlessly enriches your teaching environment, leading your students down the path of innovative excellence.

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