Using Community Resources to Organize and Implementing Volunteer Projects

Check out our list of tips for using community resources to organize and implement volunteer projects.

Assist your learners in organizing a food drive sometime other than Christmas. Contact the local food pantry and ask when they could use your help the most throughout the year.

Ask parents and community volunteers to help during special days. They are usually very willing to assist. Give them their assignment with directions prior to they come. You will prevent confusion or take the time to clarify what you want them to do. If parents cannot help, ask them if they have a friend or someone else that can assist.

Hunt for places where you can find costumes, furniture, or toys for very little money in your communities. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and garage sales are places for great finds.

Look around the school district to locate personnel willing to collaborate with your learners on special projects. Volunteers can always be utilized in class and field trips.

Have your learners volunteer to read to other adults or children in the building. Practicing reading aloud builds fluency and confidence.

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