Using Question Words That Begin With ‘Wh’ in English

Using WH question words in English is a great way to improve your communication skills. WH question words, also known as interrogative words, are used to ask questions. They start with the letters WH, and include words such as “what,” “why,” “where,” “who,” “which,” and “how.”

These question words are essential for conversing in English, as they provide the other person with the information necessary to answer the question. They allow the asker to express what they want to know concisely and directly.

When using WH question words in English, using the correct word for the specific situation is important. For instance, the word “what” is used when asking for a specific item, while “which” is used when asking for a choice between two or more items. Additionally, the word “why” can be used to ask for an explanation or the reason behind something, while “how” is used to ask for more information or details.

Moreover, it is important to understand the rules of grammar when using WH question words. These words are always placed at the sentence’s beginning and followed by an auxiliary verb or a verb phrase. For example, “What time did you arrive?” or “Why did you decide to do that?”

Finally, using WH question words in English can help you become a better communicator, as they help you clarify what you want to know more directly. Additionally, they make conversations smoother and more interesting, as they allow the asker to know what they want to ask and the answerer to understand the question. 

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