Using Research-Based Teaching Methods

Teaching methods, policies, and other recommendations that are meant to be rolled out and implemented in schools should be based on research and evidence. This is to ensure that the needs of students are met and that the school can provide the resources to facilitate the learning experience of students.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a misunderstanding of what the research data is, how it is to be interpreted or if it will be used at all. Using research data is important because it gives a detailed explanation of the methods used and reports of the outcomes.

Choosing research data is also important. Not all published material is created equal, so it is important to determine which ones are credible. Below are some guidelines to consider when choosing research data:

–         Do not believe everything that you read. A lot of articles that circulate online are based on research—some are summaries while others are interpretations of research. Research is systematic, logical, and exhaustive. The reason for this is that it is focused on data and not the author’s perceptions and opinions. If you are looking to find data to use as a basis for methods and policies to recommend for your school, it is best to refer to actual research data.

–         As mentioned in the previous section, research data is exhaustive, logical, and systematic; moreover, it is unbiased. As such, look into both the positive and negative outcomes that were reported. Do not just consider the positive outcomes when deciding on using the research as the basis for recommendations to the school.

–         Consistency is key. Carefully study the consistency of the evidence being presented in the research. Any conclusion that is drawn from research requires the support of evidence. Make sure that the research addresses the hypothesis that was presented at the beginning of the study. Be wary of statements that make overgeneralizations.

Final Thoughts

Whenever schools set out to deploy new techniques, teaching methods and implement policies, it is best to make sure that these suggestions are backed by research. As educators, it is your due diligence to make sure that systems are put in place in schools are evidence-based and put the best interest of students first.

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