Using Socratic Thinking to Trigger Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Socratic thinking is a process of disciplined questioning that triggers thinking.

This approach can be implemented by challenging the learners with questions on complex issues or hypothetical problems. The learners are asked to analyze the concepts, distinguish between facts and assumptions, and solve the problems. It can be an imagined problem or a social issue on which the learners are encouraged to think and voice their opinions.

The Socratic thinking approach prompts them to reassess their views and look at their opinions objectively.

Here is an example that our adult learners may find interesting and engaging: the effects of returning to school and meeting the requirements.

In the Socratic method, you ask the learners to give their views on the subject and then give them this set of questions.

•   Explain your view further.

•   Why do you think so?

•    Why do you think what you say is right? Are there examples that support your P.O.V.?

•   Is what you always say the case? How do you prove that?

•   What’s the counter-argument to what you think?

•   How would you defend your P.O.V.?

•   What made you form this opinion?

•    Are your opinions subject to change? What can make them change?

•   Why do you think I asked you these questions?

Which of them was the most useful?

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