Using VR and AR to Amplify Learner Storytelling

VR and AR are two of the biggest trends in the classroom, but if you ask some educators about leveraging it in the classroom, they don’t have a clue. There are many ways that you can use VR and AR in the classroom to boost learner achievement. You just need a basic understanding of VR and AR, as well as how they can be used in the classroom. 

This article will discuss how educators can use VR and AR to amplify learner storytelling. Why storytelling? Because it makes a perfect opportunity for learners to express their personalities and creativity.

1. Allow learners to make their own stories using VR software. There are plenty of apps that give learners the ability to make their own stories in VR. Learners can experience the thrill of writing their own stories and creating a visual background for them in VR. Learners can present their creations to the class in VR and even invite their parents.

2. Allow learners to reimagine existing stories. Allow learners to bring their favorite books to class and reimagine parts or the entire story. For instance, they can make an alternative ending to Jack and the Beanstalk and retell their version in VR by creating a short cartoon.

3. Learners can use AR for storytelling. Carlon books have published some books that are already integrated with AR tech. Learners need a smartphone, and they can bring the pages of textbooks to life through storytelling. Companies are publishing books encoded with AR possibilities. For educators, premade resources, such as these, take away the stress of being involved with the technological aspect of lesson planning, although still giving learners a novel way to make a storytelling experience using their favorite book.

4. Allow learners to make stories in groups or pairs. For all of the individual activities we mentioned, you can always allow learners to work in groups or pairs. That way, learners can make a richer storytelling experience by using the collective creativity of the group.

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