Using Worked Examples to Increase Student Achievement


A worked example is a finished piece of work that learners can look to as models for their work product. A worked example might be a completed essay or anything else that is a finished product of something the learners are about to attempt.


  • Learners feel more secure knowing what they are working toward.
  • Learners can get ideas from the worked sample that they can adapt for their work.


  • Sometimes, learners copy the sample too closely rather than using their thinking. Consider using an example that requires similar skills and processes but a different end product.
  • Make sure you spend time discussing the steps it takes to go from nothing to the completed product.


  1. Provide learners with past examples of creative writing pieces and discuss the strategies utilized by the authors.
  2. Show samples that are good andpoor. Get learners to discuss how the weaker examples could be improved.
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