Venezuela Facts for Kids

Venezuela is a country located in South America. It is known for its beautiful scenery, delicious food and warm and friendly people. Here are some interesting facts about Venezuela that kids may find interesting.

1. Venezuela is known for its delicious food, including arepas, empanadas, and pabellón, which is a dish made with rice, beans, plantains, and shredded beef.

2. The official language of Venezuela is Spanish, but there are many indigenous languages spoken as well.

3. Venezuela is home to the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, which is over 3,200 feet tall.

4. The capital city of Venezuela is Caracas, which is a bustling metropolitan city with a rich and diverse culture.

5. Venezuela is known for its oil production, which is one of the largest in the world.

6. Venezuela is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including jaguars, snakes, monkeys, and many bird species.

7. The people of Venezuela love to dance and music is a big part of their culture. Salsa, merengue, and reggaeton are popular music genres in Venezuela.

8. The flag of Venezuela has three colors, yellow, blue, and red. The yellow represents the wealth of the country’s natural resources, blue represents the ocean and red represents the blood of the people who fought for independence.

9. The national sport of Venezuela is baseball. Many famous baseball players come from Venezuela.

10. Venezuela’s currency is called the bolivar. However, due to economic difficulties, the value of the bolivar has greatly decreased in recent years.

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