Vivi Empowers Personalized Learning, Classroom Productivity with U.S. Launch

By freeing teachers to roam the classroom and empowering learners to instantly share their screens, Vivi inspires a personalized learning environment

(MELBOURNE, Australia) September 18, 2018 Vivi, the wireless screen mirroring solution designed exclusively for the classroom, today announced its entry into the U.S. edtech market. Vivi has been successfully supporting personalized learning environments and schoolwide communication in Australia for years, and now brings American teachers the technology to foster collaborative, student-centered learning.

Designed with the collaboration of educators, Vivi’s classroom management solution system sets teachers free to roam the classroom and interact with students, allowing for immediate teacher and peer feedback. In addition to its core functionality of screen mirroring and video streaming, Vivi brings a slew of additional educational features under the control of a single, easy-to-use app and institutional management through an admin portal.

“We created Vivi to offer educators a seamless, affordable solution for collaborative classroom presentations,” said Dr. Lior Rauchberger, the founder of Vivi. “Education is evolving at a breakneck pace, and Vivi is the foundation that allows teachers to implement personalized learning without worrying how they’ll make it work.”

Vivi is compatible with all devices and operating systems. Its ease of use improves productivity and reduces teacher time spent on managing technology and giving students control of the screen by up to 12 percent and helpdesk claims by up to 4 percent because educators can walk into any Vivi-enabled classroom and instantly connect.

The intuitive Vivi app gives teachers total control when students are allowed to share their screens, and enables students to capture what’s being presented on the screen, and annotate using built-in tools then save for future reference. Teachers can also play high-quality videos straight from the Vivi Receiver so that the video streams directly from the hard-wired internet rather than slowing down a WiFi network or disrupting learning due to buffering. Vivi’s analytics and reporting dashboard deliver information on teacher and student participation and engagement across the school.

The system also powers school-wide communication with digital signage and emergency broadcasting. In a dangerous situation, teachers are able to instantly communicate the need for a lockdown, evacuation, or other safety measures across all screens and devices with active Vivi connections.

“We have just put Vivi in all 100 classrooms and presentation spaces and have been super happy,” said Gary Hastings, director of ICT at Oakhill College. “Teachers love them to the point that we’ve taken back all HDMI cables and dongles (hooray) and haven’t needed to re-issue one yet.”

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About Vivi
Vivi is a global technology company, headquartered in Melbourne with satellite offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It was founded with the aim of creating the simplest, most intuitive screen mirroring solution in the world. The Vivi product is delivered as a hardware-enabled cloud solution, specifically developed for use in schools and universities. It comes with additional features that broaden the use of Vivi beyond screen mirroring, and customer feedback is used to inform ongoing feature and product development. For more information, please visit

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